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Explosive Results of pH Fusion Tea - Lesson #45 - Part 2 of 2 E-mail

Glycoscience Lesson #45 - Part 2 of 2

by JC Spencer

What a wonderful world it would be IF we were able to buffer the pH level to ~7.3, open and shut the sodium ion gates in the cell membrane, and inject nano-size multi-trace minerals through the ion gates to stoke the mitochondria. That would have profound effects on all body chemistry, health, and the immune system, should we be able to accomplish that.

An acid state can lower body pH below 6.4 where enzymes do not function properly and the digestive system malfunctions. Acid decreases the ability to repair damaged cells and illness is inevitable. Low pH results in oxidation instead of oxygenation — rust instead of regenerate. Lack of oxygen causes glucose fermentation to lactic acid which compounds illness and addiction.

The acid environment requires the body to compensate by using alkaline minerals supplemented in the diet or they will be leached from bone. Osteoporosis and other diseases become the natural course of events which manifest as pain, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or worse.

Cancer needs an acid / low oxygen environment to survive and flourish.

Explosive Results of pH Fusion Tea - lesson #45 - Part 1 of 2 E-mail

New Evidence on Trehalose based pH Fusion - Greater health benefits than originally believed possible!

Glycoscience Lesson #45 - Part 1 of 2

by JC Spencer

Multiple university research programs in various countries verify that the functional components used in the formulation of pH Fusion Tea have significant health benefits.

When asked, "What are the actual health benefits of pH Fusion Tea. Our response is, "We are not sure."

While evidence mounts on the individual bioactive components of the pH Fusion Tea complex; evidence of synergy or counter-synergy effect has not been determined.

How to Balance Your Health for Stability and Longevity - Lesson #44 E-mail

Glycoscience is Your Ticket for Quality LIFE

Glycoscience Lesson #44

by JC Spencer

Here are three of the many unseen influence factors involved in achieving homoeostasis in the human body. Each influence is a balancing act with a tipping point that allows for optimal health or catastrophic results. A slide down either side from the tipping point is catastrophic.

Homoeostasis (or homeostasis) is the self-regulating process of the body’s biological systems to achieve and maintain an equilibrium for stability of optimal health.

pH Factor
A balanced pH Factor is essential to life. Your pH is the

Kidney and Pancreas Are Protected by Trehalose - Lesson #43 E-mail

New study shows reduction in Apoptosis, Autophagy and Pyroptpsis in Diabetic Rats when Trehalose is Combined with Guava Juice

Glycoscience Lesson #43

by JC Spencer

Guava juice has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory features with other known benefits for diabetics. But, when combined with Trehalose, something significant happens that verifies how this One Smart Sugar protects cells.

An unhealthy pancreas does not metabolize fat efficiently resulting in fat buildup inside the pancreas. Inflammation and medications often compound the problem as more fat tissue is overlaid. The fatty pancreas can become more damaged by high levels of fructose as a person becomes more insulin resistant.

The main cause for an unhealthy kidney is

Fatty Liver Detox Made Safe and Easy with Trehalose - Lesson #42 E-mail

There is no drug treatment for Fatty Liver, but a new study indicates that One Smart Sugar Trehalose may be the solution.

Glycoscience Lesson #42

by JC Spencer

Fatty Liver is a common liver disorder. Fatty Liver, streaked with fatty deposits, results in simple steatosis (fatty infiltration of liver tissue) to cirrhosis (an irreversible and possibly fatal accumulation of scar tissue in the liver). Fatty Liver is the main reason for liver transplants.

People of all ages have non-alcoholic Fatty Liver --- more women than men and more prevalent in those who are overweight. It may not be directly associated with alcohol use but fermentation of table sugar in the body may contribute. Soft drinks and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are significant contributing factors. Not only does obesity play a role but so can a too rapid loss of weight.

Patricia Ann Champion - February 11, 1945 - March 31, 2016 E-mail

First Participant in the GlycoScience Institute Memorial Scholarship Fund

Houston, Texas - April 2, 2016 - News Release

Patricia was an extraordinarily committed Christian lady, wife, mother and grandmother. Her husband, HL Champion, exclaimed that they were HAPPILY married for 50 years, 7 months, and 4 days. She invested many years in the field of medical coding and served as Past-President of Professional Coders of Nashville, Tennessee.

Patricia was an Executive Assistant to her husband at The Endowment for Medical Research in Houston and had begun preparing the Medical Evaluation Forms returned from our Pilot Surveys for an Investigative Review Board (IRB) in the areas of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Cancer and other health challenges. During the process, just prior to her fatal heart attack, she remarked, "I cannot believe people are receiving such health improvements in our Pilot Surveys."

She was a valuable member of the Team to start the GlycoScience Institute and believed strongly in the mission to educate the world about Glycoscience.

The first GlycoScience Institute Memorial Scholarship has been established in honor of Patricia Champion. This Scholarship and future Scholarships will be used to cover the cost of training for medical and pre-med students in the field of Glycoscience.

Her experience exceeded simple observation. She suffered from Auto Immune Disease since childhood. Her first heart attack was forty years ago. She and her husband applied the technology of Glycoscience which extended her quality of life for thirteen years.

JC Spencer

Trehalose - Link to the Alzheimer's Mystery - Lesson #41 E-mail

New Research Confirms why our T/C+ Pilot Studies are so Successful

Glycoscience Lesson #41

by JC Spencer

A research team at the University of Bonn, Germany has discovered that the sugar Trehalose goes beyond just reducing the secretion of the neurotoxic amyloid β-peptide within the brain. Previous research indicates that amyloid β-peptide is the crucial step in the development of Alzheimer's.

The University of Bonn research paper published March 8, 2016 explains how Alzheimer's progression is slowed. Trehalose is found to alter the metabolism of the Alzheimer related amyloid precursor protein. Cell treatment with Trehalose decreased the degradation of full-length amyloid precursor protein and its cell terminal fragments. Biochemical and cell biological experiments revealed that Trehalose also alters the subcellular distribution.

Trehalose Sugar Impacts Growth of Baby Chicks - Lesson #40 E-mail

Research shows that Trehalose may improve natural intestinal immunity in baby chicks!

Glycoscience Lesson #40

by JC Spencer

How can the sugar Trehalose help weight gain in baby chicks, fat loss in obese men, and lower fats in the liver?

A study published in British Poultry Science 2016 March 17 may inch us toward solving the mystery.

In previous Lessons, we have learned how fat cells in obese men are positively affected by Trehalose and the important role that glycolipids play as signaling molecules inside the cell.

Lipids (as high triglycerides) block glucose and fat conversion to energy. However, when certain sugar building blocks are added, glycolipids help transfer glucose and fats through the liver. This results in a

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