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The Sugar Trehalose Researched for Tissue Regeneration - Lesson #7 E-mail

Could be the future of diabetic chronic wound treatment

GlycoScience Lesson #7
by JC Spencer

Diabetic patients are at increasing risk of developing chronic wounds and the numbers are expected to dramatically grow as diabetes increases.

Wounds are healed as blood vessels are able to bring more oxygen and micronutrients to the area. It is quite logical that forming additional blood vessels will increase the capacity for transporting more blood flow. This arrangement of blood vessels could initiate a robust growth program that would induce formation of mature, stable vasculature system.

Delivering a sufficient amount of siRNA* to cells is an extremely difficult task that has previously prevented this therapy from being adopted clinically for wound healing.

Vaccine Scandal Exposed - This may be the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time E-mail

by JC Spencer

A pharmaceutical giant is caught in deceptions and lies. Dr Bernard Dalbergue, Merck’s former physician, predicts that Merck and the vaccine Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time.

The vaccine’s toxic corruption was made possible in the United States when the U.S. Congress gave vaccine companies a shot in the arm with legal protection. The financial interests for this vaccine runs deeply in political circles disregarding all evidence of the damage caused.

A press conference was called in Paris on April 2, 2014 by Michèle Rivasi, MEP Vice-Chair of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament. The topic was Gardasil, a vaccine manufactured by Merck. A few of the excerpts from the conference include:

Now, Tell Me Again, “What is pH Fusion Tea?” - Bonus Lesson E-mail

Results are so astounding that we cannot talk about them. The pH Fusion Tea Secret Revealed!

Bonus Glycoscience Lesson
by JC Spencer

Pharmaceutical companies are formulating new toxic drugs with synthesized sugars. We are formulating a few safe, natural, functional foods. One such food is our pH Fusion Tea.

The Trehalose sugar is the basic ingredient in pH Fusion Tea. No other sugar could provide the results evidenced from the “Tea.” Some doctors and researchers tell us they are having “off-the-chart” significant benefits. No medical claims are made or intended.

The design of pH Fusion Tea is to help human cells achieve a moderately higher pH; enable the cells to have superior nutrient absorption; provide better body hydration; and absorb needed ionic multi-trace minerals. The “Tea” is made with bio-available ionic multi-trace minerals in a dry phytochemical fulvic acid compound (actually, the fulvic compound is alkaline). It is electrostatically blended in sodium.

Drug-resistant Bacteria Or Viral Pandemic Outbreak Is Near - Lesson #6 E-mail

We have heard that for years, but now it appears inevitable

Glycoscience Lesson #6
by JC Spencer

A nightmare outbreak of CRE, a very rare strain of a drug-resistant bacteria has been reported near Chicago. Investigators still haven't been able to determine what caused the spread. The outbreak occurred in people who recently underwent surgery. Another report (March 2014) is that flesh-eating bacteria took a fisherman’s life on Lake Conroe just up the road from us.

Hospitals appear to be the most deadly of all places to get an untreatable bug. We are told that if a hospital patient is infected with certain bacteria there is a 50/50 possibility that it will be fatal.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) states,  “Healthy people usually do not get CRE infections”. Your immune system is your first and last line of defense.

Let’s Improve the Brain Safely and Naturally Without Drugs - Lesson #5 E-mail

Every brain is eligible for improvement and this may be that guide for which you are looking

Glycoscience Lesson #5
by JC Spencer

Studies indicate that by age 65, one in eight of US will have severe cognitive decline. By age 80, one in two are affected with serious cognitive loss.

Scientist have been unable to build drugs to solve cognitive problems. Our desire for instant gratification has resulted in compounded harm. The elusive pharmaceutical cure is oblivious to prevention.

When we ignore the important, the urgent takes over. Drug companies know where the money is, so they focus on urgent treatment and seldom on the long time important cure.

Breeding Better Fruits and Vegetables - An Alternative to GMO - Lesson #4 E-mail

Blending of old world experience and ultrahigh technology

Glycoscience Lesson #4
by JC Spencer

The eye is offended; the tongue disappointed; and the nose is unable to contemplate the fragrant fruits of our malnourished green harvest. Absent needed phytochemicals, shortcuts produce greater yield per acre at the cost of poor health and rampant diseases.

Genomics and Glycomics provide the tools for tomorrow’s plant production that will enable us to correct, improve, and return to the natural vegetation of the Garden of Eden where the words “chemical fertilizer” were never uttered.

Early Diagnoses of Cognitive Problems - Lesson #3 E-mail

Memory loss and ability for instant recall is a growing challenge for many

Glycoscience Lesson #3
by JC Spencer

A cognitive study in Stockholm was published January 29, 2014 in The Journal of Neuroscience. Henrik Ullman, a PhD student at Karolinska Institute says that this was the first study using MRI scans to predict future working memory capacity. The results were surprising in that the storage areas and the working areas may be more overlapped than previously thought. From this study may come a more predictable understanding of how an individual’s brain will function a few years down the road.

The two principle functions of the brain are:
1)  Store and retrieve information/knowledge.
2)  Working memory, i.e., the ability to process
     ongoing information and link it to related
     stored data to make proper determinations.

New Study Links Harmful Sugar to Fatal Heart Problems - Lesson #2 E-mail

And, our children still guzzle soft drinks which may be worse than...

Glycoscience Lesson #2
by JC Spencer

The largest human study on the harmful effects of sugar consumption ever conducted has concluded that too much sugar can be deadly. Survey data was gathered from more than 30,000 US citizens between 1988 and 2010.

Researchers had death data on nearly 12,000 adults including 831 who died of heart disease during a fifteen-year follow-up. They took into consideration other factors that are known contributors to heart failure like smoking, excessive weight, inactivity and they were still convinced that sugar was a major risk factor to heart failure.

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