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Proteins Folded By Unseen Influences That Contribute to Diabetes and more - Lesson #27 E-mail

Proteins Folded By Unseen Influences That Contribute to Diabetes, Stress, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, MS and ALS

Part 3 of 4 - Making G-proteins

GlycoScience Lesson #27

by JC Spencer

Many influences to fold proteins are hidden from view. Tomorrow’s doctors will observe and be able to show to their patients these unseen influences, determine their origins and intercept their consequences.

How can the same drug or nutrient have different effects on the human body? How can the same wave-particle properties produce drastically different outcomes?

Some 800,000 unique gnarly treelike sugar structures coat healthy cells. These glycan and glycoprotein antennas are the epitomes of entanglement. Every fold and angle of the fold is caused by endless numbers of unseen influences. The folds equip each antenna with its communicating abilities to operate with clear fidelity or static of hisses and squeals. How proteins are folded determine the quality of communication and  neurological health.

Multiple Studies Link Diabetes, Neurodegeneration and Trehalose - Lesson #26 E-mail

Trehalose contributes to the proper folding of proteins at the very beginning of protein production.

Part 2 of 4 - Making G-proteins

GlycoScience Lesson #26

by JC Spencer

An insulin study in Japan with rabbits compared two disaccharides, Trehalose vs. Maltose. Both sugars are two glucose molecules bonded together but at different angles. The unique angle of the Trehalose bond provides major functionality not found in any other sugar.

Activity of the enzyme trehalase that transports and metabolizes Trehalose to glucose was measured in the serum and kidney of rabbits. Both glucose and insulin were increased by the Trehalose infusion. Maltose infusion resulted in elevated serum glucose while NO increase of insulin was detected. Scientists concluded that Trehalose infused rabbits resulted in a positive nitrogen balance suggesting that Trehalose is used as an energy source and has the potential for parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding).

3 Important Announcements E-mail

1)  FREE Pickup in Dallas: Our readers and supporters can save shipping on all Trehalose, pH Fusion Tea and T/C+ picked up in Dallas on March 6 - 8, 2015 at Embassy Suites, 7600 John Q Hammons Drive in Frisco. SAVE Shipping. Order soon.

2) Free shipping on large orders to be discontinued: We have previously paid shipping on all USA orders over 20 lbs. Because of increasing costs, starting in

Multiple Studies Link Diabetes, Neurodegeneration and Trehalose - Lesson #25 E-mail

How Trehalose impacts diabetes, stress, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, MS and ALS

Part 1 of 4 - Making G-proteins

GlycoScience Lesson #25

by JC Spencer

Folding Glycoproteins Correctly

Universities around the world find an interesting link between diabetes and neurodegenerative challenges. We continue to evidence improved mental and motor skills that influence health benefits from those who use Trehalose.

These next four Lessons are my attempts to explain protein folding and how browning of food lets us visually comprehend more of what is happening.

We have documented improvements in stress, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and Huntington’s. In Santiago, the University of Chile discovered that Trehalose causes a delay in the advancement of ALS.

Antacids Are Really BAD for You... Dangerous Side Effects... But - Lesson #24 E-mail

Let Heartburn Go and You May Increase Risk of Gastroesophageal Cancer. Take Antacids and You May Increase Risk of Heart Problems, Devastate Your Metabolism and Damage Your Bones.

GlycoScience Lesson #24
by JC Spencer

Heartburn medication sales have climbed to an estimated $24 billion worldwide. Antacids are sold everywhere. However, these antacid drugs may do more harm than good.

A recent Mayo Clinic study found that antacids can destroy digestive bacteria and increase risk of infections and other problems.

Millions of people think they need antacids because they have acid reflux. Acid reflux may be caused by poor digestion. Drugs for heartburn reduce the amount of acid in the stomach or inhibit acid produced by the stomach. However, antacids can cause major metabolism problems. Overweight has been shown to double the risk for heartburn.

Ebola Just Devastated A Nation’s Whole Medical Infrastructure - Lesson #23 E-mail

Graphic and Catastrophic Example of How Quickly It Can Happen

GlycoScience Lesson #23
by JC Spencer

Ebola has killed the doctors at the forefront of the campaign in West Africa. Sierra Leone is left with only eight surgeons in the country of about six million people. Only one of the surgeons is under 60 years of age.

From the hot zone countries of West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that nearly 500 healthcare professionals have died in their battle against the virus.

The remaining eight surgeons of Sierra Leone were expecting medical students to join the battle but seeing so many deaths, the students want to leave Sierra Leone as soon as possible. Some of the eight had indeed retired but came back to help each other save lives.

The Endowment for Medical Research is expanding the Pilot Survey Studies! E-mail


The new website  www.PilotStudies.net  Is designed to help gather information that may benefit individuals with serious health conditions.

Doctors and healthcare professionals are encouraged to help monitor their patients in the Pilot Studies although that is not necessary for participation.

Go to www.PilotStudies.net to learn what Pilot Studies are available now and invite your friends and loved one with any of these health challenges to apply for Matched Funding.

This Pilot Survey is also open for those wishing to document improved General Health.

Stay tuned to learn about new diabetic / insulin research with the sugar Trehalose.

JC Spencer, CEO
The Endowment for Medical Research

Update: The Book, Ebola Lies, Exposes Deceptions and Includes New Facts - Lesson #22 E-mail

An African authority says, “We are only seeing the ears of the hippo.”

GlycoScience Lesson #22
by JC Spencer

The clinical trials of a “promising Ebola vaccine” developed in Canada have been stopped because of side effects. However, Ebola vaccines are moving forward in the U.S. because Congress has inoculated drug companies from prosecution for vaccines that have dangerous side effects.

WHO released a statement that Ebola is still outrunning efforts to contain it in West Africa. Scientists tell us that Ebola Zaire is the serial killer of all viruses with all the destructive talent to become the mother of all plagues. The virus may go dormant for awhile but it will strike again with renewed deadly force. Ebola can cross the oceans in a single bound, just a plane flight away.

I just studied shocking photographs from Ebola stricken Africa. I saw the dead and dying human bodies strewn along the side of the road like rag dolls. People passing by are helpless, hopeless and fearful to get near. Others are clueless to what is happening and become infected by those with whom they live and love.

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