The sugar everyone would use if they only knew...    

 * That trehalose is a healthy sugar -- healthier than the refined table sugar that most people use. 

* That simply switching table sugars could result in a slowing of premature aging. 

* That trehalose is a sugar found in nature.  It is NOT a chemical sugar substitute.

* That using trehalose can help lessen brain fog and boost memory. 

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Changing Your Sugar Can Change Your Life!


Regular table sugar -- the refined, processed kind we typically use every day -- contributes to premature aging, diminished eyesight, and overall weakening of the immune system. 

A healthy immune system fights off disease and keeps us healthy when others around us are ill.  Regular table sugar has been linked to almost every disease known to man. 

Do you really want to get older before your time?

In an attempt to get away from the side effects of regular table sugar, some of you have switched to the “pink stuff” or the “blue stuff” or the “yellow stuff” thinking this may be better for you.  All of these alternative sugar substitutes have their own set of side effects. 

The majority of people experience little or no health improvement as a result of using these sugar substitutes.  So what are we to do?  Try trehalose!   

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The sugar everyone would use if they only knew...

* That regulating their blood sugar could contribute to weight loss.

Have you or a loved one been told you must lose weight?

Obesity is an epidemic.

Obesity contributes to many other diseases.  Obesity makes even simple tasks difficult and lessens a person's quality of life.

You or a loved one may have been told by the doctor that you must lose weight.  If it were that easy, you would have already done it.

One of the greatest contributors to excess weight is consumption of sweets.  Cutting the craving for sweets can help you or a loved one lose weight.

In June of 2006, weighing 439 pounds, I was faced with a choice -- lose weight or have surgery to "make me" lose weight.  My problem was sweets -- couldn't get enough!  I was put on a protocol that included glyconutritional products plus 6 tablespoons of trehalose everyday.  I strongly suggested that they had a screw loose, but after studying the scientific evidence, I started using the trehalose.  Without any exercise to speak of during the first 4 months, I lost 44 pounds.  As of August, 2007, I have lost 84 pounds and I feel great!


Jim W.

Houston, TX

Diet pills, extreme diets and extreme measures to lose weight all come with risks.  Read on to learn more about trehalose and the potential it has to help you reach your goal of being at your ideal weight.  Remember, excessive consumption of even low-calorie foods can lead to weight gain.

Have you cut your calories and still gained weight?

Maybe you have tried chemical sugar substitutes to lose weight.  What happened?

In fact, many people gain weight when they start using “low” or “no calorie” sweeteners.  If the only cause of weight gain was an increase in the number of calories consumed, then logic would follow that a decrease in the number of calories consumed would automatically result in weight loss. 

Sounds simple, right?  Everyone wanting to lose weight would simply need to choose a pink, blue or yellow packet as a substitute for the calories in regular table sugar.  And viola!  Weight loss!  We are thin!  However, this is generally not the way it works. 

And what is worse, people who gain weight after starting to drink diet sodas and consuming more diet or low-calorie formulated foods may actually damage their metabolic systems more through the use of chemical sugar substitutes.

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There are those who use sugar substitutes and have been able to stay thin.  However, when discussing the choices they make in order to stay thin, they will usually tell you that they would prefer to use “real” sugar.  They miss the satisfaction factor that only comes from using “real” sugar. 

Even though they may be happy with their physical appearance as a result of cutting their calorie intake, many sugar substitute users admit that they secretly worry about the long-term health consequences of these chemical sugar substitutes. 

This may just be a matter of preference and choice for the reasonably healthy person, but what about someone with health challenges?  What is a diabetic or someone with blood sugar problems to do?  They have a terrible dilemma.  In order to control their blood sugar, they believe that they only have a choice between two undesirable options. 

The first option is to go without anything that tastes sweet (boring, miserable, no fun, and have we said YUK!?).  The second option is to use one of the sugar substitutes that has other potentially damaging long-term side effects.  If they choose to go without anything sweet, they risk hitting a point of desperation and actually going on a sugar binge that could result in a life-threatening situation. 

Trying to use only small amounts of regular table sugar does not seem to work either.  Usually the choice most people make is to use some kind of sugar substitute.  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

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The sugar everyone would use if they only knew...

* That trehalose is easy on the body to process.

* That trehalose is pleasant tasting and has no aftertaste.

Prove it to yourself.  Take the trehalose taste test challenge:

Rinse the palate with pure water.  Put a few grains of trehalose on your tongue.  Is there any after taste?  Now, rinse the palate again.  Put a few grains of regular table sugar on the tongue.  Is there any after taste?  Most people find that regular table sugar has an aftertaste that they never noticed before.  Try it for yourself.


After I tried the taste test, it made me want to use trehalose in more recipes and use it exclusively instead of regular table sugar.


Jenica C.

Watauga, TX


Parents you now have a choice!


How many parents would love to have a healthy sugar to feed their children without feeling guilty?

Parents love their children, but healthy alternatives are not easy to implement on a long-term practical basis. 

How can we raise healthy children? 

What can we do so that we are not programming them to be fat?

Today, children are being diagnosed with adult diseases at an alarming rate – and that number is growing.  The current generation of children is the first generation not expected to be as healthy as their parents or live as long as their parents. 

One of the major contributing factors of poor health is considered to be a lower consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with an increase in the intake of refined sugars and flours.  While these things may taste great, they are stealing the health of our children.  Childhood obesity is increasing, and regular table sugar is one of the culprits.

What if you could give your children sweet treats that would make them happy without contributing to training (predisposing) them to be sugarholics and likely candidates for future diseases such as diabetes.**




I no longer have sugar guilt for letting my grandkids use as much of the healthy sugar trehalose as they want on their cereal.  It seems to also be curbing their craving for sweets.


Karen S.

Houston, TX

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What if a simple change in table sugar could make your brain function more efficiently, and thus you would be able to think more clearly?  Alzheimer's and other diseases that affect the ability to think and remember clearly are on the rise. 

What is even more alarming is that people are being afflicted younger and younger.  Today, there are people in their 50’s in nursing homes with diseases that did not touch their parents until their parents were in their 70’s or 80’s. 

More and more baby boomers are actively seeking steps they can take to assure clear thinking.  Maintaining cognitive function is now a concern of baby boomers.

Younger people can derive great benefits from the ability to think more clearly.  They will be able to solve problems more quickly.  They will be better able to use their critical thinking skills to solve more complex problems. 

The income most people earn is relative to the level of problems they are capable of solving, therefore the ability to solve higher-level problems usually results in a higher level of earning ability.


"Consumption of regular table sugar has been shown to result in brain fog, drowsiness, and can reduce learning capacity.  It can even lull a person into a state of lethargy.  Since trehalose assimilates more slowly, it allows the brain to function at its greatest capacity."

Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain, page 117

by J. C. Spencer







It is the sugar everyone would use if they only knew...



What is that sugar?  IT IS TREHALOSE.

 * It is easily processed by the body without contributing to spiking of blood sugar in most people. 

* It looks like regular table sugar.

* It pours like regular table sugar.

* It is a sugar found in nature.  It is NOT a chemical sugar substitute.

* It leaves no after-taste like regular table sugar. 

* It is easy to substitute in many recipes and dissolves adequately in cold drinks like ice tea and lemonade. 

* Its use may result in a slowing of premature aging.

* It can be safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics.**

* It may help reduce sugar cravings.


Trehalose is indeed a natural alternative whose time has come. 

In fact, you can simply change your sugar and change your future.  Most of you have already received your free article “Change Your Sugar – Change Your Life,™” but if you have not, you will be given an opportunity to order your free downloadable copy on the order form that follows.  Make sure you order it and read it today. 




Changing your sugar is easy and does not require major lifestyle changes.  So many of those healthy lifestyle changes we are encouraged to make just seem too hard.  You think, “I really want to do that but it is just too much effort.”  But, changing your sugar is not like that. 

Changing your sugar is as easy as using the “turquoise stuff” (trehalose) instead of the white stuff, the pink stuff, the blue stuff or the yellow stuff.  Even if the only change you make is to substitute trehalose (the turquoise stuff) for refined, processed table sugar, you will have taken a positive action toward lifelong health. 

You can feel good emotionally about the choice you made, and you can feel better physically because your body won’t have to work so hard trying to deal with all of that refined, processed table sugar.  You will be able to quit beating yourself up about how much sugar you use. 

You can enjoy sweets again when you know that the sugar you are using can make a positive contribution to your overall health instead of breaking down your cells and causing premature aging.



Many people with blood sugar challenges have found that switching to the sugar trehalose has been pleasant and painless.  They discovered that it is an easy way of making a positive change for long-term better health without unbearable side effects.** 

Of course, you should seek the counsel of your personal physician, and no health claims are being made. 

Although your personal physician may not be familiar with trehalose, he or she will find the information that is available to be fascinating.  We are simply asking you to explore the idea that there might be an alternative available to you that you never knew about before.

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Right now, there may be only one thing standing between you and a step toward improved health and greater energy – your craving for sweets containing regular table sugar or chemical sugar substitutes. 


I know, I was exactly where you may be right now.  I knew the kind of sugar I was consuming was not good for my body, but I craved sweets all of the time.  It seemed that the more sweets I ate, the more I wanted.

Jackie N.

Fort Worth, TX



It is one of the good sugars.  Trehalose is a naturally-occurring sugar energy source with forty-five percent (45%) of the sweetness of refined table sugar.  So, you may need to use about twice as much as you normally use to get the same sweetness. 

Although no medical claims are being made at this time, trehalose may indeed be a brain food.  It is a white crystalline powder (trehalose dehydrate) produced from cornstarch by a patented enzymatic Hayashibara process.

For many people, the sugar trehalose has been found to be an easy way of getting their blood sugar more regular.**  Of course, no medical claims are being made at this time. 

Trehalose is a natural substance found in very small amounts in foods we already eat such as mushrooms, honey, lobster, and foods produced using bakers and brewer’s yeast.  An independent panel of experts determined trehalose to be generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in foods in accordance with current good manufacturing practices. 

A clinical study performed in the UK showed that ninety-eight percent (98%) of the population had no problems with trehalose.  The other two percent (2%) experienced only a little gas.

 A certain enzyme in the body, called trehalase, is used to transport the sugar trehalose to where it is needed in the body or to split the trehalose molecule into two glucose molecules.  Research is ongoing to determine the relationship between the metabolism of the body with the potential energy and performance benefits of trehalose.

Energy That Lasts!

In the 1980s scientists learned that certain sugars were good for anything except energy. 

Trehalose is a sustained energy food.  That means that it has been tested to produce lower insulin and blood glucose responses than regular table sugar.


Athletes Get Sustained Energy From Trehalose.

Athletes like trehalose because it gives them sustained energy.  Athletes need sustained energy for increased performance.  Sports drinks give quick energy, but then the benefits diminish quickly.  Some athletes have found that you can avoid the typical "energy-drink" spike followed by the inevitable low by using trehalose for sustained energy.


"Athletes use sports drinks to keep their electrolytes in balance.  Electrolytes are responsible for hydration because they direct water-carrying nutrients to every area of the body.  The sustained energy provided by trehalose makes this a favorite among informed athletes."

Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain, page 94

J. C. Spencer


For more information about how trehalose and healthy sugars contribute to mental clarity and brain function, see the only easy-to-read book on the subject Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain

It is a unique book that educates, excites, expands the possibilities and challenges you to take a new look at how the seemingly-unconnected connects.  While an easy read for the lay person who wants to improve their brain function, it still has extensive scientific proof and references for the aspiring or serious scientist.

Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain is what we call a "multi-book" because it provides information on a variety of subjects and according to where you are in life and your current interests or challenges you will be sure to find vital, life-enhancing discoveries. 

Is It Three Books Or Is It One?

The book is so expansive (442 pages) that it is in Two Volumes plus a separate Glossary that is an amazing book by itself.  It is one book with three parts.  You decide what serves you the best.

In Volume I  (includes Chapters 1 through 20) you will discover:

*  The basis of brain function  (Chapters 1 through 14)

* The difference between the brain and the mind (Chapter 1)

* Steps to diminish addictions (Chapter 10)

* How electrolytes make your brain’s “battery” conduct better (Chapter 15)

* How free radicals damage your brain ( Chapter 16)

* How to improve the way you think (Chapter 13)   

In Volume II  (includes Chapters 21 through 37) you will discover:

* How brain neurotransmitters function (Chapter 27)

* How music may help your mind (Chapter 30)

* The connection between your brain, aging and dementia (Chapter 32)

* Insights into reversing brain damage (Chapter 33)

* How the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be lessened (Chapter 35)

* How changing your sugar can make your brain work better (Chapter 36)

* Why Americans are becoming more obese and how it can be reversed (Chapter 37) 

Did you know your mind turns off information you don’t understand? 

Whether you enjoy reading the dictionary or not, most of us love understanding the meaning of the words we are reading or hearing.  In fact, do you know that your mind just turns off information if you cannot see the words clearly, understand or hear a speaker or understand the meaning of the words you are reading.  For you to get the most out of any material you study you need to understand its vocabulary. 

The Glossary of Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain started out simply as a way of serving you, the reader, and helping to assure that you got the most out of its content.  Eventually, the Glossary began to take on a life of its own.  The Glossary is so powerful that some people may want to buy the Glossary as a stand-alone book. 

You will be able to get the Glossary free when you accept both volumes of the "multi-book" Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain as well as getting a discount on the book itself.  With our 180-day money-back guarantee, you will have time to study the book for yourself.  We believe so strongly in the impact this book will have on your life that you will want to keep the book as a reference book for the rest of your life.

Start Expanding Your Mind and Improving Your Brain by ordering your copy today.  (The book and trehalose are available on the same order page.)

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 Trehalose may be ordered in quantities from three to thirty pounds.  Since it is only 45% as sweet as sugar, it does require more to get a similar level of sweetness as regular "bad-for-you" table sugar. 

Long-term use seems to indicate that sugar cravings will lessen, and a greater level of satisfaction with healthy foods will result.

You owe it to yourself and your family to at least give trehalose a try. 


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We want you to learn more about the benefits of trehalose and the effects healthy sugars can have on your health.  Therefore, as promised, your free copy of the article “What Does Your Brain Have to Do with Your Health?” is available by clicking any ORDER NOW button.  This free article is a gift, and you have no obligation to order any product. 

This article will tell you the power your brain has in affecting your health for good or bad.  "Did you know that you can train neurons?  This neuron training can be called tracing, or laying down memory, layer upon layer." 

Being aware of this connection between your brain and your general health can be a great first step toward taking charge of your health.  If you think you are already doing this, then this article will reinforce your positive actions and give you information to share with others who are not so enlightened.

As far as trehalose is concerned, you will never know what trehalose can do for you and your family unless you give it a try.  This is your opportunity to improve your health and well being.  Take action today.  Go ahead and order.

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** No medical claims are made by this statement. Blood sugar is fragile, and any change in diet should be preceded by consultation with your personal physician.