Did you know your brain shrinks with age?

A shrinking brain means you have to have someone else do the thinking for you instead of you thinking for yourself.

Do you want an aging brain to be your fate?

Keep reading to find out how to keep your brain young.

Your brain shrinks naturally as you age...


You take steps to keep it young. 

Discover how to make your brain younger at any age.


Don't you want your brain to function at it's best?  That's what every Alzheimer patient would have told you 20 years ago also.
If you could get a straight answer from an Alzheimer's patient or anyone with any kind of dementia, they would tell you that things have not turned out the way they expected or wanted.  They always thought they would be mentally clear to the end of their days and never intended to be a burden on anyone else.
Baby boomers whose parent's quality of life has deteriorated due to dementia, have suffered right along with their parents through the aging process. They do not want to meet the same fate. And neither do you.

We know there are many factors that can affect your ability to think clearly as you get older. 

These include:

* Genetics

* Environment

* Lifestyle

* Attitude


You can take charge


Keep reading if you want to take charge of your future today by learning how to make choices that will yield you big results without requiring unreasonable and unrealistic measures.  You can be among the first to learn some practical tips that can diminish the effects of aging and help you maintain your mental clarity as long as possible.
In Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain, you will garner some practical tips for improving your overall health that will result in improved brain function and mental alacrity. You will find some fun and enjoyable brain exercises that will allow you to keep thinking for yourself for many many years to come.  You will also learn some of the keys to brain health, which include: 

* Keeping your brain hydrated

* Consumption of healthy sugars

* How to sharpen your brain by what you think about, and

* How to keep your brain from getting bad "grooves" like an old 45 record.

Avoid Brain Grooves

If you are too young to remember 45 records -- they were made of vinyl and they not only warped easily, but would get grooves in them causing the record to not move forward.  The record player needle would get stuck in the groove, which was like a deep ditch, and it would play the same thing over and over until it would drive the listener crazy.  Since remote controls had not yet been invented, you had to get up and run from wherever you were in the house to move the needle and get a new sound.  It was totally annoying.

When your brain quits working as originally intended, it gets grooves in it and the same old messages play over and over.  Then the groves get deeper and deeper, and this becomes what is called "short-term memory loss." Of course, any of you who have seen this happen in an elderly person know that, after a while, all of that person's conversations revolve around stories from their childhood.  They keep saying the same things over and over again.   Eventually nothing they say makes much sense.

While every bit of age-associated dementia may not be preventable, you can get lots of tips on how to at least take charge of your future cognitive abilities by ordering your copy of Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain today.  You can actually have it in your hands in a few minutes and read much of the book by this evening.

If you are 83 or younger, this is for you:

Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain is what all "young" people need to read -- by "young" I mean everyone younger than me -- I am 84.  I have unconsciously applied many of the principles in this book all my life to keep my mind sharp and clear for all these years.  Everyone needs to learn these techniques.  Thanks J. C. for putting them in a form that is easy to understand and apply.

                                                                              John R., Houston, TX

Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain is unique.  Unique means one of a kind.  While often overused, this is the right word to describe this book.  Not only is it one of a kind, but at the same time it is at least 20 different books.  This is one of the reasons we call it a "multi-book."


"Multi-book" has what you are looking for

If you are a person wanting to avoid the dementia of aging -- It is a book on keeping the brain young.

If you are a person with genetic tremors who wants to prolong active life as long as possible -- It is a book on how simple changes may help postpone tremors.

If you are parent wanting to help your children be smarter -- It is a book on how the brain functions and how to help make smarter children.

If you are the caregiver of an aging parent -- It is a book that offers hope of improved quality of life for that parent.

If you are an aspiring scientist -- It is a primer on scientific thinking, illustrated and defined before your very eyes.

If you are an accomplished scientist -- It is a brilliant work that connects the dots between differing schools of thought that rarely communicate with each other and yet have so much to teach each other.

If you are a baby boomer -- It is a manual about how to keep your brain as young as possible, as long as possible, and therefore not become dependent upon your children for care (and hopefully not feeding.)

If you are already interested in brain function, as well as the difference between the brain and the mind -- This book is amazing because it makes your mind think and engage in a type of thought process that is not taught in school today.

If you are a parent wanting to teach your child to think and reason -- It is a mind-expanding book because it models a level of thought processing and reasoning that was formerly considered to be the thought processes of an educated person. 

Over a century ago there were people who were educated without degrees.  They could think, reason and process from the known to the unknown and draw a rational conclusion.  Now people can get degrees without learning to think.  They can parrot the belief systems of others, but they don't know how to reason for themselves.

Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain models cause-to-effect reasoning and makes you think along with the writer.  It is engaging, even if you think you are uninterested in this type of subject matter.

If you have an unexplained illness or a syndrome that seems to defy diagnosis -- This is a book that may hold the key that unlocks the door to finding a clue that sets them on the road to recovery.

If you want to stay perpetually young -- This is a book that will give you more time in your quest for the fountain of youth.

If you are doctor who is excited about the great strides of modern medicine, but are disillusioned about all the new diseases and maladies of modern life, and are looking for some clues for your own future research -- This book can be a mystery clue book that could help you solve some modern-day medical mystery.

If you are trying to help a loved one overcome head trauma or brain injury -- This book can provide little-known, vital measures that can enhance the effectiveness of all the other therapies and treatments your injured loved one is receiving.

If you consider yourself SMART -- This is a book about how to stay SMART and be SMARTER!

If you want to enhance the intelligence of your students, children or friends (please get their permission first) -- This is a book about how to make people smarter.

If you want to improve your overall health -- This book holds vital data, especially in its discussion of the importance of how the balance of the acid base in the body relates to general health.

If your family has a history of cancer -- The chapter about pH balance and how it relates to the growth of cancer cells could set you on the road to daily health management.  That means that cancer would not be as likely to manifest in your body.

With most books, if two people read it and get different things out of it, we would say that the author has failed to communicate or the readers were not paying attention.  With Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain, the fact that 100 people could read this book and all get something different -- each exactly what they needed -- is proof of the brilliance of the author and the concept that he has created.


So, give the book a spin today.  You can be reading the book for yourself in a few minutes.  Now all you have to decide is:

1) Are you going to take advantage of our offer to buy the whole work at once? or

2) Are you going to purchase it is sections?


In Volume I  (Chapters 1 through 20) you will learn:

* The basis of brain function  (Chapters 1 through 14)

* The difference between the brain and the mind (Chapter 1)

* Steps to diminish addictions (Chapter 10)

* How electrolytes make your brain's "battery" conduct better (Chapter 15)

* How free radicals damage your brain (Chapter 16)

* How to improve the way you think (Chapter 13) 


In Volume II  (Chapters 21 through 37) you will learn:

* How brain neurotransmitters function (Chapter 27)

* How music may help your mind (Chapter 30)

* The connection between your brain, aging and dementia (Chapter 32)

* Insights into reversing brain damage (Chapter 33)

* How the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be lessened (Chapter 35)

* How changing your sugar can make your brain work better (Chapter 36)

* Why Americans are becoming more obese and how it can be reversed (Chapter 37)


Did you know your mind turns off information you don't understand?

Whether you enjoy reading the dictionary or not, most of us love understanding the meaning of the words we are reading or hearing.  In fact, do you know that your mind just turns off information if you cannot see the words clearly, understand or hear a speaker or understand the meaning of the words you are reading.  For you to get the most out of any material you study you need to understand its vocabulary.

The Glossary of Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain started out simply as a way of serving you, the reader, and helping to assure that you got the most out of its content.  Eventually, the Glossary began to take on a life of its own.  Now, the Glossary has grown to 200 pages.  It has become a book in and of itself.  The Glossary is so powerful that some people may want to buy the Glossary as a stand-alone book.  It not only defines the words used in the book but defines words that you will need to pursue your future studies in the area of brain function, glyconutrients,  Super Sugars and general health improvement.

Don't Let Your Brain Turn Off

Because we want you to have the opportunity to have the Glossary available at your fingertips when you want to look up a word that is used in the book, we are making you an initial purchase offer that we think you will really appreciate.  You will be able to get the Glossary for free when you purchase both volumes of the "multi-book" Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain, as well as getting a discount on the book itself.

When you go to a local bookstore and buy a hardback book, you usually only have 30 days to return it (or 90).  With our 180-day money-back guarantee you will have time to study the book for yourself.  We believe so strongly in the impact this book will have on your life that we believe you want to keep the book as a reference book for the rest of your life.  Not only that, we believe you will want to tell others about how great this book is and why they need their own copy.

Because we know the high value of this book, you get to review this book for yourself while we take all the risk.  That is why we offer you an amazing 180-day money-back guarantee.

We Have a Gift for You!

We want you to learn more about the benefits of trehalose and the effects healthy sugars can have on your health.  Therefore, as promised, your free copy of the article “What Does Your Brain Have to Do with Your Health?” is available by clicking any ORDER NOW button.  This free article is a gift, and you have no obligation to order any product. 

This article will tell you the power your brain has in affecting your health for good or bad.  "Did you know that you can train neurons?  This neuron training can be called tracing, or laying down memory, layer upon layer." 

Being aware of this connection between your brain and your general health can be a great first step toward taking charge of your health.  If you think you are already doing this, then this article will reinforce your positive actions and give you information to share with others who are not so enlightened.


Go ahead and order right now and start reading Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain right away.  You will never know what you could have learned that would have been the missing key to unlocking a more expansive, productive and healthier life.

No health claims can be made or are implied for this book.  This book is for informational purposes only.  The author or publisher cannot be responsible for how a reader processes, perceives or applies the information given.  It is for educational purposes only.

When you get older do, you want someone else to do the thinking for you, or do you want to think for yourself?  Keep your brain young and your body healthy.

Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain comes with a money-back guarantee.  We take all of the risk so you don't have to.

Be one of the SMART ones.  Think clearly as you age.  Find out how by ordering Expand Your Mind -- Improve Your Brain today.