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Pain Is Important But, Fix The Cause, Don’t Just Deaden The Pain. E-mail

Three Possible Reasons for Pain, Tingles, And Discomfort

Smart Sugars Lesson #80
by JC Spencer

Pain is a warning sign and the level of pain may indicate the seriousness of the cause. There are three principle causes for pain in your physical body. The severity of the alert is designed to tell us which action to take.

When our only action is to mask the pain, we miss the reason for the pain. Of course, we want the pain to turn to pleasure or at the very least for the pain to go away. But, don’t give up on finding the cause. It can save and extend your life.

When we only treat (mask) the symptom instead of addressing the cause, we have mimicked the mind-set of mainstream medicine. Our astute warning system is to let us know in advance when something worse than the pain will happen and that we are to take action to correct the challenge. We receive clear warning signals but our inability to translate the signals into knowledge for action can be fatal.

Why Bringing Home The Bacon Is Bad For You! How Smart Sugars can help. E-mail

Smart Sugars Lesson #79
by JC Spencer

When I was a boy on a Missouri farm, I looked at our herd of swine as garbage disposals to grow sugar cured hams and tasty bacon. In the smoke house, I would cure the hams and slabs of bacon. I rubbed them with, and packed them in, curing salts made of brown sugar and salt. One day, a thief stole what he knew would be some mighty good eatin’. After that, I put the smoke house under lock and chain.

My pragmatic mind sought for the scientific reason of WHY swine was “unclean”. So over the years, I did mental gymnastics with everything I learned about pigs. A bell would go off in my head when I heard the expression from the lips of a person who had exercised or worked hard, “I’m sweating like a pig!” because I knew pigs did not have sweat glands. That was my second clue.

The first clue was “garbage disposal” and other clues developed when I saw pigs eating anything, and I mean anything, that was dead. They would root for and eat a grain of corn in the worst of filth while wallowing in the mud. I was amused that the one thing pigs would not eat was beautiful vine ripened tomatoes. They will only eat tomatoes after they are rotten.

2013 Sugars Test Conducted With Hydrochloric Acid E-mail

Does this test explain why regular table sugar is so dangerous?

Smart Sugars ALERT
by JC Spencer

Regular table sugar is unstable and is destroyed by acid. We did not know how unstable until now. The sugar trehalose is stable in high acid conditions. We did not know it was this stable.

On January 1, 2013, I conducted a simple chemical experiment with regular table sugar and the sugar trehalose. I placed equal amounts of each sugar into two glass containers. I then used a straw to dump a small amount of water onto the sugars to make each into a thick slurry. I then used equal amounts of a weak concentration of hydrochloric acid (31.45%) into each vile mixture.

The hydrochloric acid used for this test was approximately 1 pH. The hydrochloric acid (and other chemicals) in the human stomach is approximately 1.5 pH.

NEWS FLASH - Monitoring Sugars On Cells Will Forever Change Healthcare! E-mail

NEWS FLASH February 28, 2013

by JC Spencer

Today, an announcement was made in an open access published paper from the Hokkaido University in Japan entitled: Recent Advances in Cellular Glycomic Analyses.

The ability to analyze the cellular glycome extensively and completely will open new avenues in systems biology glycomics. The future of all medicine and healthcare will more sharply focus in on glycoscience.

How sugars form on the surface of healthy cells is called glycosylation (gli-ko?s?-la´shun). The quality and quantity of these sugar forms give quality and longevity of life to the cell. To gain ability to count and calibrate these glycoproteins is the Holy Grail of medical diagnostic technology.

Researchers at the Laboratory of Medical and Functional Glycomics, Graduate School of Advanced Life Science and Frontier Research Center for Post-Genome Science and Technologies present the advancements toward the Gold Standard in Medical Diagnostics. Focusing on these recent advancements, the paper shows that Glycomics is proving to be many times more complex than the genome project.

Glycosylation profiling based on carbohydrate-recognizing molecules provides valuable information about sugar epitopes (A localized region on the surface of an antigen that is capable of eliciting an immune response and of combining with a specific antibody to counter that response.). The researchers found that it is often difficult to differentiate between different glycoconjugate species with current methods.

Science or Consensus? And, what does that have to do with Smart Sugars? E-mail

Smart Sugars Lesson #78
by JC Spencer

Q: Can science be wrong?

A: Science is FACTUAL and RIGHT but our understanding and consensus of science is always less than perfect.

What we view and how we view what we view gives us the data to determine our choices and responses to that observation. Choices are easy to make when you have all the facts and the moral compass to proceed.

Science is not fiction. Science fiction is fiction. All my life I have enjoyed both science and science fiction. Sometimes you can mix the two with creative thought to project what can be. For example, I wrote a paper in 1956 entitled “Mouse Milk Cures Cancer”.

Special Offer for our International Readers and Friends E-mail

We have just been hit with an increase in shipping costs outside the United States. Starting immediately we have increased the value of our International Orders by giving a fresh off-the-press copy of Introducing SMART SUGARS - Sugars the Speak. Why we should listen!

This science book retails for $29.97 and will be included at no extra charge in all orders of 18 pounds or more of Trehalose shipped outside the US.

The purpose of Introducing Smart Sugars is to provide a starting point for all people to learn about the imminent paradigm shift in medicine and healthcare. Super Sugars are evidence-based and the results are in the irrefutable facts. The emerging data from ongoing research are nothing short of amazing.

The future of medicine and healthcare is Glycoscience. Undeniably, scientists agree that the explosive technological advances in Glycoscience will transform medicine and healthcare.

Glycoscience has the potential to dramatically reduce health care costs.

Your Brain Is Hardwired For Truth E-mail

Smart Sugars Lesson #77
by JC Spencer

False signals, sooner or later, develop into chaos. Lack of any communication is more trust worthy than miscommunication. False signals make it so you do not know where you are going and that is where you are likely to end up.

Your neurons are HARD WIRED for Truth, and Truth is what holds all things together. A few years ago I wrote these words: Total Truth gives no false signals. The flow of even the slightest false witness gives the wrong signal and initiates the flow of wrong energy and matter. Opinions do not count as Truth. Because nothing is as it appears, what you perceive as reality is in fact, at least in part, an illusion. Untruth is an illusion paralleled with deception.

The main function between components and systems is to flow Truth (no false signals), energy, and matter needed by the other components and systems.

Studies Show Smart Sugars More Beneficial Than Previously Thought E-mail

Plant saccharides metabolize to form glycoproteins in the human body.

Smart Sugars Lesson #76
by JC Spencer

Smart Sugars, orally ingested, result in glycosylation to glycoprotein receptors sites on Human Cells. An open-label dosing study was done to evaluate the safety and impact of a dietary plant-derived polysaccharide supplement on the N-glycosylation status of serum glycoproteins in healthy subjects.

The functional role of dietary carbohydrates in nutrition is one of the most complex and at times controversial areas in nutritional science. Biologists, glycobiologists and neuroscientists had long questioned if the consumption of specific sugars had any glycosylation benefits. Their doubt of efficacy was based on the digestive destruction of the sugars before they could have benefit in the human body. Any and all doubt was removed by this study. Confirmation that these sugars are not destroyed by the digestive system is also evident in every nursing baby because the same sugars are at work in colostrum and mother’s breast milk.

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