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FDA Could Kill Millions of Us - Smart Sugars Lesson # 6 E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

Forbes magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes warns that the Food and Drug Administration’s foot-dragging could lead to the death of millions of Americans. He said this FDA mistake could be the “potential catastrophe” of a “bacterial apocalypse.”

In a scathing report Forbes declares that the FDA should be overhauled to remove its capricious hurdles and he calls upon the new Congress to “hold hearings on the FDA’s increasingly deadly and bizarre behavior.”

Click here to download this Lesson.

Forbes declares: “... today we are faced with potential catastrophe. Lethal bacteria now threaten to colonize U.S. hospitals. If nothing is done, we will be facing a bacterial apocalypse. The horrors that we thought were banished 70 years ago are coming back.”

Best Sugar Drinks “To Your Health”! - Smart Sugars Lesson #5 E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

This morning I received a phone call from a professional healthcare practitioner telling me of his success with the sugar trehalose and how he is recommending it to his patients. Then he commented to me on the excellency of apple cider vinegar. I told him how right he was and how, at that every moment, I held in my hand a morning drink of apple cider vinegar sweetened with trehalose. I had, a few minutes before his call, poured into the glass 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with mother), purchased at the health food store. I added about the same amount of trehalose and then poured in about 4 ounces of water. Sometimes I use hot water and sometimes cold. He said, “I will try that.”

Click here to download this Lesson.

There are a lot of things we can do to improve our health by modifying our lifestyle just a little. Back away from the unhealthy soft drinks and start substituting them with some good things that you may enjoy more.

Sugars Are Becoming Integrative Medicine! - Smart Sugars Lesson #4 E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

The word medicine varies by culture from country to country but worldwide it involves a variety of healthcare practices to maintain and restore good health. The word medicine is derived from the Latin medicina, meaning healing. In some countries Royal Sugars are considered drugs or medicine EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NON-TOXIC. In ALL countries, these sugars can be integrative as can any good nutrition.

Click here to download this Lesson.

The word integrative means to merge two or more things or concepts together. The idea is to produce synergy, more benefits, than when each is used singularly. By integrating the best of two worlds, we can develop a classic model of integrative healthcare to make the traditional modern medical sick care system work better faster. This has been the continual intent and fundamental purpose of The Endowment for Medical Research and our Glycomic Conferences and Training via DVD, books, articles, and website at www.endowmentmed.org. Every physician could profit from viewing our 14 hour Glycomics DVD Training.

What We Will Learn from Mapping the Human Brain - Smart Sugars Lesson #3 E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

Click here to download the Lesson with color photographs.

Mapping the human brain expands the discipline for brain exploration as vast as traveling to the galaxies. The synapses in your brain are as countless as the stars in the heavens or the sands along the sea shores. Attempting to map the human brain will verify conclusively that indeed the inner space of the human brain is as complex and has as many connecting dots of light as the spiral nebula or super novas. The futuristic project of mapping the human brain will prove more detailed than the genome and glycome projects combined.

So, how can this project, started in 2010 by NIH, contribute to the future of medicine and healthcare? We will obtain an advanced map that will reveal the routes that various thoughts and pictures choose that develops into cognitive activity to solve problems. We will learn more about the process we use to convert activity of the brain into concepts of the mind. We will learn more about where different thoughts, and pictures, and emotions of fear and love ricochet and dwell within the brain. We will learn how the neurons re-route when something goes wrong. We will learn better how the brain retrieves information from different areas simultaneously and processes and assembles this data into logic and reason.

Human Brain Mapping - Smart Sugars Lesson #2 E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

One of the most important science projects ever undertaken by man was quietly launched in 2010… the Human Connectome Project, the mapping of the complex networking of the human brain. The objective of this $30 million NIH project is to survey every connection between the neurons in the adult brain.

The Human Connectome Project will prove to be MORE complex than the Human Genome Project and the Human Glycome Projects combine. The genome complexity of the DNA and RNA sequencing is responsible for the proteome and the development of every cell of the human body. The proteome is more complex than the genome and responsible for the protein folding. The glycome exceeds the complexity of the proteome as the result of the sugars’ role with proteins.

The Vastness of Your Brain - Smart Sugars Lesson #1 E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

Neuroscientists have only recently begun to understand the complex networking of over 100 trillion glowing connections in the human brain. The vastness of your brain and the firing of its synapse can be likened unto the Milky Way Galaxy and its countless stars. When I ponder the function of the brain and compare it to the graphic glory of the spiral nebula or the super nova, I marvel at the awesome design. The super nova, some 300 light years across, is like a synapse in the mind of God.

Click here to download the Lesson with color photographs.

In 1998, I wrote an article entitled, Good Sugars vs. BadSugars, where I said, “Bad sugars may contribute to heart disease, cancer, stroke, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.” Since that time, research has taught us much unheeded information about bad sugars. We have learned about good sugars, better sugars, and best sugars. I call the best sugars, “ Royal Sugars”. I have researched some twenty Royal Sugars which I will discuss in this Smart Lesson Series.

Sweet Gift Ideas For Christmas E-mail
Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas
A Sweet
Christmas Gift Idea
Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image
This Season make Christmas shopping easy. Give a sweet gift to your friends.
A sweet gift that is economical and introduces glycomics, the science of sugars.
+ A good way to encourage your friends to think more about their health. +
+ A great way to show that you care. +
+ Of special interest to diabetics. +
+ Establishes you as a source of knowledge on sugars. +
Be creative by placing
a pound of trehalose in a
special cup, sugar bowl,
or basket. Your friends
will love you for the gift
that could just help
change his or her life.
Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image

Make Sweet T -

The Sugar trehalsoe

a stocking stuffer!

Cups, bowls, bears

and baskets are

NOT furnished.

Buy Trehalose Now
Trehalose Discovery Explains WHY Trehalose is so Beneficial in Teeth and Bone E-mail
Trehalose Discovery Explains WHY Trehalose is so Beneficial in Teeth and Bone

Trehalose can play a major role in bone, teeth, and stem cell production because of its ability to influence a negative charge. This research may help us better understand why trehalose is so beneficial. To bring materials into order or to cast them into disorder depends on the negative or positive charge. This gets into negative and positive ions and high or low pH. I discuss this at length in The Trehalose Handbook.

The research can be more clearly understood by the layman when you know the terms used in the science language. “The mesoporosity of microparticles spray dried from trehalose and nanoparticle hydroxyapatite depends on the ratio of nanoparticles to sugar and nanoparticle surface charge.”

Porous materials vary in porous size from microporous with pore diameters of less than 2 nm and macroporous with pore diameters greater than 50 nm. Mesoporous category is in the middle. Mesoporous material can be disordered or ordered in a mesostructure. Hydroxyapatite makes up bone mineral and the matrix of teeth. It is hydroxyapatite that gives bones and teeth their rigidity. Hydroxyapatite molecules can crystalize (group together) to form microscopic clumps. When these crystals are deposited by disorder in or around joints, they can cause inflammation of the joints, tendons, and ligaments. This often develops into a painful chaos factor in shoulder rotator cuffs.

Resource: Bioportfolio

Click here for full report.

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