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We Have Lost A Dear Friend E-mail

Rayburne Goen, MD, one of our favorite Medical Doctors went to his just reward early Wednesday morning (Feb 11th) at the age of 94. His daughter, Becky Stough, said he was very peaceful with all of his family around. "He was very happy and ready". This wonderful family doctor and friend will be missed by many. His zest for life and enthusiasm for sharing the gifts of Glycomics is unforgettable. Dr. Goen dedicated himself to spread the story of Glycomics to his fellow physicians.

Rayburne Goen, MD participated in the Glycomics Conferences sponsored by The Endowment for Medical Research. Dr. Goen took early Retirement at age 81. He has four children; two are MDs. Because of Glycomics, Dr. Goen became healthier in his 90s than at age 85 when he had 21 personal old-age disorders. In four months on glyconutritional supplementation, he became symptom-free of 20 of his 21 ailments and he was able to discontinue all prescription and OTC drugs. His experience and the experiences of his patients caused him to lecture across the United States and Canada about glycomics.

Dr. Goen received his M.D. degree from University of Colorado in 1939 and was a Family Physician for 60 years. He served as Lt. Col., Medical Corps, US Army, in WWII from 1941 to 1946. He became a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1947. He was Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, Tulsa.

The arrangement details are at the Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Anyone wishing to send cards to the Family of Dr. Goen may send them to 26549 North 3980 Way, Ochelata, Oklahoma 74051.

Trehalose Sugar Study in Obese Men E-mail
Trehalose Sugar Study in Obese Men

Comments by J. C. Spencer

Does the sugar trehalose contribute to diabetes or fat loss? This has been a question for quite some time. We have antidotal reports that trehalose is low glycemic, that sugar cravings are reduced, and that trehalose is a healthful sugar, but more testing is needed.

Now comes a clinical research paper from a randomized, double-blind, crossover study designed to assess the effects of trehalose which shows that indeed trehalose helps the insulin and glucose concentrations in obese men.

Sugar Fix For Pathogens E-mail
Sugar Fix For Pathogens

Comments by J. C. Spencer

The sugar research of Australian Professor Nicki Packer has led her to put forward a rather fascinating hypothesis: that the glycoproteins found in mammalian fluids such as breast milk, tears and saliva have anti-pathogenic properties. There may be a SUGAR FIX FOR PATHOGENS.

We applaud Nicki Packer and her work in this cutting edge science that is a boost to the Australian and worldwide glycomics sector. Especially commendable is the fact that she has negotiated with Proteome Systems the transfer of a sugar structure database from the company’s hands into the public domain. The database was developed during Packer’s time with the company to list the sugar structures that have been reported in the literature.

Now for today’s Glycomics News - Click here for the full report (pdf file)


If you or anyone you know are going to be in the Dallas, Texas area on MARCH 11-14, 2009, you may qualify to participate in Dr. Kaats’ Wellness Longitudinal Trial, now in its 14th year, by taking the bone density (DEXA) tests and/or blood chemistry tests. For more information, Click Here.

Huntington’s Hope E-mail
Untitled Document

Huntington’s Hope

Comments by J. C. Spencer

Huntington’s disease is one of the most devastating neurodegenerative challenges known to man. We must do everything in our power to stop this ravaging of the mind and body. Some have started naturally fighting Huntington’s and according to the testimonies of family members, they are successfully using and benefiting from the sugar trehalose. Many science paper abstracts are posted in the NEWS Section at www.endowmentmed.org and more information is available on Sugar Science Forum of The Endowment for Medical Research.

The news story for today is not pretty. It is news and it is tragic. It is my hope that we can play a role in keeping this from happening to families with Huntington’s.

Now the story.

To view and print this report as a pdf file, Click Here.

Missing Sugar Causing Brain Starvation Triggers Alzheimer’s E-mail
Missing Sugar Causing Brain Starvation Triggers Alzheimer’s

Comments by J. C. Spencer

Beneficial sugars in the brain give the brain and body a long and healthy life. A shortage of these nutrients starve the brain, triggers Alzheimer’s, and causes slow death. Glycomics will continue to play the major role in correcting Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. I have contended for years that glycomics is the OS (Operating System) not only of the brain but every neuron and, in fact, every cell in the human body. Sugar is vital in every DNA strand of the body as the structural component in the DNA double helix backbone. This places sugars at the base of all data in your body. The two known “switch flippers” for altering gene expression are TOXINS or SUGARS.

If we are ever to address the healthcare crisis, we must focus on the cause and stop treating the symptom. Treating symptoms IS the cause for our healthcare crisis. When the OS is functioning properly, the data is conveyed correctly. Furthermore, instructions are given to repair altered gene expression and turn on or off the necessary cell functions. When your OS is not functioning properly the balance of everything can malfunction which causes the production of too much or too little of the enzymes and key proteins needed for the moment.

The subject of today’s article, Robert Vassar, discovered the enzyme that may be the cause for amyloid protein plaque build-up that causes Alzheimer’s. That is, when the communication system is not equipped with the necessary nutrients.

The future of medical research is in question. E-mail
The future of medical research is in question

Comments by J. C. Spencer

We are witnessing the exposure of deceit and corruption that is resulting in the greatest economical shift in the history of the world. Brain research at MIT and diabetes research at Harvard Medical School have been hit by the Madoff scandal. Just when you thought the healthcare crisis could not get worse, it just did. I have contended that we must move from the sickness industry to the wellness industry. We must change our focus from treating symptoms to discovering the cause and correcting that.

At The Endowment for Medical Research, we are expanding our training about How to Lower Healthcare Costs. If you can improve brain function, and we have proven that we can, you have just addressed over 600 diseases without focusing on a one of them. Glycomics, the science of sugars, is the future of medicine. To lower healthcare costs and get greater results than before, we must think outside the pill box.

Now today’s story:

Trehalose helping in diabetes, triglycerides, kidney diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases? E-mail
Untitled Document

Can trehalose play a role in helping diabetes, triglycerides, kidney diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases? We are seeking the answer.
Comments by J. C. Spencer:

We are in the early stages of our Sugar Pilot Surveys and what we are discovering is encouraging. Obviously more research is needed. Some diabetics are monitoring their own blood sugar levels and reporting to us they appear more normal as long as they are eating trehalose. When they stop using trehalose, the sugar load escalates. We are receiving wide spread reports of essential tremors diminishing or ceasing while using trehalose. One family gave us an antidotal report of the husband with tremors of the mouth that made eating very difficult. The wife placed a quarter teaspoon of trehalose under his tongue and the tremors stopped almost immediately.

The following abstract of a science paper references trehalose, macronutrient storage, insulin-like receptors, diabetes, triglycerides, and neurodegenerative diseases. To say the least, for all of these to be referenced in one paper is rather astounding. I do not pretend to fully understand what all this means. But, I openingly contend that it is interesting.

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