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Breeding Better Fruits and Vegetables - An Alternative to GMO - Lesson #4 E-mail

Blending of old world experience and ultrahigh technology

Glycoscience Lesson #4
by JC Spencer

The eye is offended; the tongue disappointed; and the nose is unable to contemplate the fragrant fruits of our malnourished green harvest. Absent needed phytochemicals, shortcuts produce greater yield per acre at the cost of poor health and rampant diseases.

Genomics and Glycomics provide the tools for tomorrow’s plant production that will enable us to correct, improve, and return to the natural vegetation of the Garden of Eden where the words “chemical fertilizer” were never uttered.

Early Diagnoses of Cognitive Problems - Lesson #3 E-mail

Memory loss and ability for instant recall is a growing challenge for many

Glycoscience Lesson #3
by JC Spencer

A cognitive study in Stockholm was published January 29, 2014 in The Journal of Neuroscience. Henrik Ullman, a PhD student at Karolinska Institute says that this was the first study using MRI scans to predict future working memory capacity. The results were surprising in that the storage areas and the working areas may be more overlapped than previously thought. From this study may come a more predictable understanding of how an individual’s brain will function a few years down the road.

The two principle functions of the brain are:
1)  Store and retrieve information/knowledge.
2)  Working memory, i.e., the ability to process
     ongoing information and link it to related
     stored data to make proper determinations.

New Study Links Harmful Sugar to Fatal Heart Problems - Lesson #2 E-mail

And, our children still guzzle soft drinks which may be worse than...

Glycoscience Lesson #2
by JC Spencer

The largest human study on the harmful effects of sugar consumption ever conducted has concluded that too much sugar can be deadly. Survey data was gathered from more than 30,000 US citizens between 1988 and 2010.

Researchers had death data on nearly 12,000 adults including 831 who died of heart disease during a fifteen-year follow-up. They took into consideration other factors that are known contributors to heart failure like smoking, excessive weight, inactivity and they were still convinced that sugar was a major risk factor to heart failure.

Music Changes Activity Of Your Brain - to compliment or complicate attitude and healing - Lesson #1 E-mail

Glycoscience Lesson #1
by JC Spencer

Neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s, can cause essential tremors and an imbalance that may dissipate with music. As the music plays, some experience improvement of balance and their inability to walk turns to dance. Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain injury, anxiety, and depression have all been helped by music. ADHD, anger, stress, autism, and virtually every health challenge can benefit from good music.

Great music and good sugars resonate with your brain to communicate and manifest expressions of tapping your foot or taking leaps of joy in graceful dance. It is up to each of us to conduct the timing for soft gentle music to sooth the soul and to plan the exciting crescendos that make life more enjoyable.

Here is a glimpse of the Glycoscience Lessons that will soon be available. E-mail

I’m excited about the recent research and discoveries in Glycoscience.
These studies will impact medicine and healthcare from now on!

Here is a glimpse of the Glycoscience Lessons that will soon be available.

New Study Links Harmful Sugar to Fatal Heart Problems
And, our children still guzzle soft drinks which may be worse than...

Update Report and 2014 Projections! E-mail

February 20, 2014

This is a quick UPDATE REPORT and 2014 PROJECTIONS for The Endowment for Medical Research.

All Back Orders for Trehalose, T/C+, and pH Fusion Tea are expected to be caught up and fulfilled along with all new orders by the end of February. Everyone who may have had orders placed on Back Order will receive all or partial completion within a week or 10 days. It is possible for some larger orders (where multiple boxes are shipped) to finalize the first week of March. Our intent going forward is to fulfill all new requests each week or sooner.

We finished over 101 Smart Sugar Lessons in 2013 and they will be published in the new book: Glycoscience 101. Our books will be available on Amazon and in our Book Store in the Spring. We are working to have our other books in book stores later this year.

A NEW Series called: Glycoscience Lessons will begin in a few days. Look for your first issue soon and ask you friends to subscribe to these informative lessons at www.GlycoscienceNEWS.com

The Endowment for Medical Research is expanding their Pilot Survey Studies starting January 2, 2014. E-mail

The Fast Track for acceptance in the Pilot Surveys include those with ALS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Huntington’s, and Lyme’s.

Matched Funding is available for participation anywhere in the world. Applications may be made online at www.pilotstudies.net or by calling 281-587-2020.

Thanks to all our readers and supporters who have been gracious during our challenges of 2013. We are shipping out back orders as quickly as possible and are committed to showing our appreciation for those who have experienced delayed shipments.

Here is an overview of the easy and enjoyable protocol for participants in the Pilot Surveys.

The Endowment State of the Union E-mail

The Agony and Ecstasy of 2013 and the Phenomenal Opportunity Provided for 2014

2013 - year of Agony & Ecstasy! We struggled financially, slowing progress for The Endowment; our website was attacked viciously; and, I broke my dominant hand in an accident last week. Yes, things have been difficult but the possibilities and opportunities are greater than ever seen. This is exciting!

2013 Glycoscience advancements in R&D have provided discoveries that will transform healthcare and make neurodegenerative medical history in the challenges of mental and motor skills.

We have helped many people with Trehalose and Glycoscience education for over a decade. Trehalose has served as a fund raiser. We have purchased a number of ship container loads of Trehalose from our supplier and have had a great working relationship with a fairly large line of credit. I placed a new order some weeks ago and was told that Trehalose was on back order. Then I received another surprise: they canceled our line of credit and demanded payment in advance for the next shipment. We are working our way out of this dilemma, shipping orders as quickly as possible and rewarding people for accepting delayed deliveries.

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