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Royal Sugars Help Transcribe Your DNA - Smart Sugars Lesson # 9

by J. C. Spencer

New technology allows us to view damaged DNA close-up. Today, with powerful electron microscopes we can zoom into the human cell where we are learning disease causes. The scientific study of health vs. sickness has been viewed from afar for centuries. We are beginning to solve the mystery of the signals of inner and outer cellular communication. The glycolipids (inner cellular) and the glycoproteins (outer cellular) ARE the OS (Operating System) of the human body. We are learning that when we improve the OS, we improve brain and body performance. This is the function of Royal Sugars.

Click here to download this Lesson.

Functional sugars have influenced the health of the human body all along but we did not understand glycosylation (how the different sugars are used). Today, the positive functions of these sugars are becoming more self-evident, better documented, and certainly better understood. The ability to better study sick and healthy molecules and to look into the cell is enabling non-orthodocs and research scientists to see solutions outside mainstream drug use.

Nanoparticles, be they proper nutrients or deadly toxins, nudge and sometimes lunge us toward health or sickness. This new understanding of glycomics and toxins will forever alter the way we live. The improvements in healthcare may not happen through “push” or “force”. It is the vacuum of need that is seeking out whatever works. Does anyone have a natural deficiency of drugs made from coal tar? But, everyone has a natural deficiency of nutrients and the one you need the most will perform the most benefit.

My father taught me to take care of the little things in life and the big things will take care of themselves. I never realized the true significance of that wisdom until I learned about the cell. But, the cell is large in size compared to atoms, electrons, and ions. Position of everything affects function.

Chromosomes occupy exact positions within the cell. Scientists have discovered the location of genes within the nucleus of the cell and how these positions vary in relationship to the condition of the cell. When the genes move within the nucleus they profoundly influence the health of the cell.

The genome orchestrates the symphony of life from cell to cell. This orchestration influences cell division and the health of new cells. German cell scientist, Theodor Boveri, nearly twenty years ago, called the regions within the cells, “chromosome territories”. But, only recently have we been able to see them with new 3-D imaging technology and chromosome fluorescent markers viewed by microscopy.

The propensity for specific chromosomes to reside in a distinct region of the cell next to other specific chromosomes has profound health significance and influencing a gene to turn off or on. This obviously affects the cell function and transcription of the DNA for cell division.

As human activity changes, so does the arrangement of the chromosomes. Vital food in the form of nano-nutrients, sugars, and specific trace minerals cause electrical and chemical reactions. The nutrients and toxins, trigger the gene. But, something else happens. Other related genes on nearby chromosomes respond in synchronized response like birds taking flight. This is somewhat like the synapses in the brain we have written about and now we see similar orchestrations of genes within the cell.

Glycomics and genomics are shining lights in the field of medical science. These lights are a blinding force in the dark age of that region of medical science that limits itself to drug use and abuse. Royal Sugars are the ingredients for tomorrow’s healthcare system. The number of physicians integrating sugars into their practices is growing because they are witnessing remarkable results almost regardless of what is wrong with their patients. Maybe treating the symptom has not been the solution. Understanding the cause and using an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Some doctors are saying that simply improving the OS is providing cures. More research is needed and universities around the world are looking into Royal Sugars even though that research is normally not funded by the drug cartels. MIT was right. Glycomics will [continue to] change the way we live. We have some exciting fresh out of the lab research to give you in future Smart Sugar lessons.

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