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Neurons Take Flight Like a Flock of Birds Giving Your Brain a Mind - Smart Sugars Lesson # 11

by J. C. Spencer

Your brain signals become thought as neurons spark synapsis. Synapsis communicate with idle synapsis awaiting their queue. The queue is hidden in your past thoughts that have been carefully cataloged and filed in appropriate regions of your brain. The brilliance of the connecting sparks is RELEVANCY that awakens a consciousness to process knowledge. Like a flock of birds taking flight, the message is carried through your head.

Click here to download this Lesson.

Your mind is a great example of neuron teamwork. A single thought may require the activity of billions of coherent processes. These billions of activated brain cells, as a neurological team, seek to find solutions through congruency of information as you process thought for a particular task.

We have learned that a new thought triggers the creation of a new synapse. Synapsis may be a hundred trillion points of light that make up the connections that become the human mind.

Every thought from your past, every experience from your seven senses of sight, sound, smell, savor, sensuality (touch), soul, and spirit are indelibly etched in the neurons of your brain. Knowledge is the data known by you. Wisdom is knowing what to do with that knowledge. Intellect is based upon that which you can recall and usefully assimilate. Understanding is based upon your following proper instruction. It is the RELATED images that mysteriously connect through trillions of synapsis to perform any given mental task.

Conflicting data that does not resonate can generate a cosmic migraine of chaos. This headache may help us understand the importance of agreement to that which is truth. To obey proper instruction is the road map for ultimate success. This helps explain why a double-minded person is unstable in all his ways.

The brain is designed to discern truth by utilizing prerecorded data. False data weaves a confusing thicket of sticky cobwebs that must be rejected by sound knowledge to bring peace instead of the migraine.

A new thought, especially an unortho-docs thought, causes a hesitation for confirmation or rejection. I am going to give you a new thought. You will begin processing and probably even reject the thought at first until you analyze the possibility that the theory may be true.

This new thought may not yet be accepted in science and it may be decades before the idea can be proven. Learned scientists may scoff and laugh-out-loud. They have laughed before and many of the sciences of the past have been disproved.

The objective of science is to observe and prove or disprove theories. This is the objective of all scientists except those unwilling to consider the possibilities. Unwillingness to believe truth or to be open to opposing theories is misplaced faith. But, I digress.

The theory I am about to postulate is based upon the latest discoveries of the human cell. We have learned that glycolipids (inside the cell) and glycoproteins (on the surface of cells) are the OS (operating system) and responsible for all cellular communication. Only when the OS is functioning optimally is dementia and poor health prevented or corrected. Your brain is the control center for data from all your senses.

Okay, here is the theory which I have discussed and brain stormed with others for more than thirty years. Please carefully observe your own analyzation process as you evaluate this theory.

All your data are backed up in every strand of DNA in every cell of your body. While you are processing this statement, let me continue. Also, all experiences of all your ancestors have been transcribed in the DNA of your cells. My challenge is to prove this theory and the challenge for those who disagree is for them to disprove it. We have a growing understanding of the DNA blueprint transcribed from our ancestors. We now have RNA data telling us that all humans originated from one woman.

Your DNA blueprint helped made you who you are! Possibilities abound how you can improve your next generation of DNA. Replace junk food, junk sweeteners, and trashy thinking with good nutrition, good sugars, and correct thinking which will alter gene expression, improve health, and provide improved mental clarity.

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