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Toxins and Viruses Alter Behavior - Smart Sugars Can Help - Smart Sugars Lesson #44

Click here to download this Smart Sugar Lesson.

by JC Spencer

Toxins, viruses, and sugars can flip gene switches OFF or ON making for major differences how the DNA code is expressed. Flip the switch of a gene and you may experience radical transformation of a life. A little toxin imbedded in the DNA double helix can cause calamity. A simple health improvement can have major long-term benefits.

How we move toward optimal health or sickness is better understood as we examine the extreme tipping points. Quantum Glycomics takes into consideration all the factors of influence for what is really happening.

In today’s Lesson, we look at some subtly viral influences that give us changes in propensity toward strange behavior. A virus can activate the tipping point switch that changes, even reverses, propensity in human behavior.

There are many ever-so-slight, unseen causes that effect life changes. They are powerful in both nature and nurture. This fact should not override our responsibility which makes up the ultimate deciding factors called choices.

One example of extreme behavioral alteration is by a rabies virus which can turn a nice kind animal into a ravaging killer. But, there are thousands of seemingly less serious viruses.

Modulating your immune system is vital to be on the offense in overcoming viruses. Auto-immune diseases, where the body begins to turn on itself, were rare only a few decades ago. A weak immune system invites disaster when viruses and bacteria take over. Faulty nutrition builds a faulty immune system.

When the gypsy moth caterpillar is infected with the bacvulovirus, its EGT protein is elevated. The caterpillar has a normal routine of crawling out on leaves to feast during the night. During the daytime, they hide from predators. However, this infection causes behavioral changes and they crawl out on the leaves in the middle of the day where they become endangered worms.

Toxic behavior can become aggressive or can cause the subjects to become docile. Cats are host to a toxoplasa parasite. However, when mice become infected with this parasite, they become friendly to cats, losing all fear. This behavior serves up the mouse for dinner which then transmits the pathogen to the consumer cat.

One virus sexually transmitted in moths releases pheromones that attract more males. The female moth becomes hyper sexually, infecting many other males even after she is impregnated.

My fascination of life started as a small boy on our farm in Missouri. Flies became quite a problem in the barn, so my daddy purchased some poisonous fly food. After I placed the bait on a large sheet of cardboard, the flies came by the thousands. As I watched them dine, something very strange began to happen. As the poison invaded their bodies, they went into a orgy frenzy. Their sexual behavior was quickly altered by the highly toxic food.

The conclusion is that pathogens alter gene expression and influence behavior. Does this answer how mass human degradation is accelerating?

Scientists have documented that Smart Sugars can correct faulty gene expression.

The Endowment for Medical Research is collaborating with other researchers in an ongoing effort to gather scientific evidence for altering gene expression. The determining factor seems to be if the toxin or nutrient is harmful or beneficial. The OFF/ON switches become the pivotal points for quantum health benefits or the wide open door leading to the destruction of human life.


Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brainhttp://www.endowmentmed.org/content/view/826/106/

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