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We have Published Fifty-Two Articles About Smart Sugars

Smart Sugars Lesson #59
by J.C. Spencer

These articles are available in our Sugar Science Forum and have been re-published internationally. Newspaper, Magazine, and Newsletter publishers are welcome to reprint these copyrighted articles without edit with full credit linking their readers to http://www.endowmentmed.org

1) Do Smart Sugars Provide LIFE to the Blood? What Exactly Are Glycoproteins?

2) Breakthrough Research Indicates 200 Sugar Compounds Build The Human Immune System

3) A Smart Sugar Protects Brain Cells From Inflammation

4) Humor & Smart Sugars - Medicine of the Future

5) Diabetic Detective Meets the Killer

6) Should Sugar Be Controlled to Protect Public Health?

7) New Immune Therapy Purges Leukemia - System Works Where Chemotherapy Fails

8) Our Biological Clocks Operate on Smart Sugars - A Glance at Quantum

9) Connecting the Dots of Trehalose, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Lipids

10) The Sugar to Remove BO - A Study of Seniors and Human Body Odor Removal

11) Your Immune System - Flu Shots and the Sugar Fix for Pathogens

12) Diabetes Tipping Point Turns to Critical Mass - Explaining the Importance

13) Toxins and Viruses Alter Behavior - Smart Sugars Can Help Anti Aging

14) The Sugar Trehalose - Headed to Mars and Back Is Lost in Space

15) NIH Invests $10 Million in Study of How Cells Communicate

16) Is Corn Sugar Still High Fructose Corn Syrup?

17) Scientists Find Smarter Way to Fight Cancer

18) Cardiovascular Disease - Diabetes - Cinnamon and the Sugar Trehalose

19) Mouse Milk Cures Cancer

20) Alzheimer's Contagious Study May Be Mad Science

21) Sugars in Breast Milk Help Nursing Mothers With Multiple Sclerosis

22) Neurotoxic Research Reveals Impact of Trehalose Sugar

23) Glycomics Open End Research Rapidly Growing

24) Is Big Pharma Giving Up on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's?

25) Ways and Means for Lowering Healthcare Costs

26) Multiple Sclerosis and A Smart Sugar

27) New Studies on Smart Sugars and Cinnamon

28) Glycomics Cancer Diagnostics - How It Will Work!

29) Sugars and Other False Assumptions - There's a Pattern Here

30) Glycomics Is THE Answer to Cancer for Prevention, Detection, and Diagnosis

31) Deciphering 90 Years of Brain Function Data

32) Glucose Metabolism, Leukemia and Diabetes

33) Mobile Phone Radiation and Sugars - The Surprising Connections

34) New Brain Discovery - Immune System of the Brain

35) Giving Sugar an Aroma of Pure Health

36) Quantum Glycobiology Presents New Possibilities For Sugars And Diabetes

37) Smart Sugars Help Transcribe Your DNA

38) Neurons Take Flight Like a Flock of Birds - Giving Your Brain a Mind

39) New Evidence How a Sugar Protects Human Cells

40) Blood and Sugar - Your Circulatory System, the Highway of LIFE

41) Sugars That Aid Protein Folding - Significant New Glycobiology Discovery

42) Quantum Glycomics Theory of Relativity on Diabetes

43) Quantum Glycobiology Aka Quantum Glycomics (QG)

44) Radiations From Needless Medical Tests Are Causing Cancer

45) Drug Side Effects Create Diabetics and Cause Brain Failure

46) Smart Sugars Are Becoming Integrative Medicine!

47) FDA Could Kill Millions Of Us

48) Best Sugar Drinks "To Your Health"

49) What a Doctor at MD Anderson Cancer Center Told Me

50) What We Will Learn From Mapping The Human Brain

51) Mapping the Human Brain

52) Vastness of the Human Brain

Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brainhttp://www.endowmentmed.org/content/view/826/106/

Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life


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