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Why is pH Fusion Tea So Unbelievably Functional? Lesson #33 (Part 1 of 4)

Research scientists learn more about the mystery of the possible fusion solution: pH, fusion, ion gates, glucose/sodium transport, Trehalose and how neurological benefits are achieved to improve mental clarity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and ALS

GlycoScience Lesson #33 - Part One of Four

by JC Spencer

Before we answer the question: “Why is pH Fusion Tea So Unbelievably Functional?”, we need to answer: “What is pH Fusion Tea?”
pH Fusion Tea is a blend of propriety functional food ingredients designed to support the mitochondria. The ingredients include the sugar Trehalose, sodium and ~80 charged trace minerals electrostatically blended. The design is to first increase the pH environment outside the cell so as to trigger a pH increase inside the cell. Research has taught us that a slight increase in pH can open ion gates in the cell wall.

pH is NOT a Substance
pH is the measuring scale for how acidic or alkaline a substance is with a range of 0 to 14 with 7 as the pH neutral. The strong hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) is 1. The strong alkaline sodium hydroxide (caustic soda (lye), is 14.

Slight Increase in pH is Important
As an electrolyte, pH Fusion Tea is designed to pass through the plasma membrane with one dietary inorganic macronutrient mineral and ~80 bio-available organic micronutrient trace minerals electrostatically blended. In fact, to increase the pH is to help open the ion gates so that the fuel can enter the cell.

Trehalose, a two molecule sugar, is
a multi-functional disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules with a unique stabilizing bond. Trehalose strengthens the cell membrane. Unlike other sugars, it can withstand a strong acid environment and research shows that Trehalose can block electron beam radiation.

Health benefits are widely reported for Trehalose, especially from those with neurological challenges including problems with mental clarity, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, MS and ALS. Trehalose is the base ingredient of pH Fusion Tea. We are receiving “unbelievable” functional reports on this “Tea” designed to support and stoke the mitochondria and strengthen the human cell membrane.

When I formulated pH Fusion Tea with Trehalose, I perceived a part of the potential efficacy it could have in the human body. It was highly significant to understanding that Trehalose is stable in an acid environment while also working well in an alkaline environment.

Trehalose Works Well with Alkaline-Earth Metal Ions
A team of researchers in Okayama, Japan investigated and published a paper entitled: “Interaction between Trehalose and alkaline-earth metal ions.” The nuclear relaxation times of carbon atoms of Trehalose were shortened by addition of [certain] alkaline-earth chloride salts. Other research indicates that Trehalose forms metal-complexes with the alkaline-earth metal[s].

In Parts Two through Four, we will discuss:
? Trace Minerals and Your DNA            ?  Ion Gates
?  ATP is       ?  Mitochondria Power Generators
?  Designed to Transport Trace Minerals to the Cell
?  Fusion results
?  Designed to Open Ion Gates in the Cell Wall
?  The Glucose/Sodium Transport System and HOW IT WORKS
?  Explaining Ion Gates and ATP
?  pH Fusion Tea is Designed to Support Red Blood Cells
?  Vital Importance of Trace Minerals
?  We invite others to research with us.
?  Sources and References

No cure or treatment claims are intended or implied. Reporting and publishing of educational material does not provide legal or personal advice. Readers should be aware that any educational information may contain inherent or potential risks and there is no guarantee of any kind. Any past performance does not assure the same future results and some information may be hypothetical. We encourage general financial contributions to help us cover operational expenses and designated contributions for specific studies, pilot surveys, or medical research projects concerning various ongoing research and discoveries as will be outlined upon request.

Sources and References
This lesson is a summary of the complex working of the Glucose/Sodium Transport System discussed in Chapter 6 of The Trehalose Handbook Vol. One; and, Chapter 10 of The Trehalose Handbook Vol. Two entitled “A Quick Study of the Importance of Trace Minerals in the Human Body”.

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Glycoscience Lesson #33 Part One of Four http://www.GlycoscienceNEWS.com/pdf/Lesson33PartOneOfFour.pdf


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