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Lose Weight - Control Your Blood Sugar - Screen for Cancer - Lesson #38 Part 3 of 3

Your New Year’s Resolution - Simple, Easy and Doable - Most fail - But, You Can Succeed with 3 Easy Steps!

Lose Weight - Control Your Blood Sugar - Screen for Cancer

Glycoscience Lesson #38 Part 3 of 3 will be FATS, SUGARS and CANCER

by JC Spencer

Want to trim the waistline this year? Beware of starchy foods cooked at high temperatures!!!

Bad fats and bad carbohydrates are two major contributors to cancer. Good fats and good sugars contribute to a superior immune system that can handle cancer. I see indications that 70 to 90% of cancers may be preventable by good nutrition.

Trans fats promote cancer, heart disease, interrupt metabolic processes, clog arteries, and cause belly fat to crowd the organs that strains the heart even more. Trans fats replace the lifesaving essential fatty acids. The good fats are replaced by entangled fats that never satisfy nutritional needs, consequently your body demands more fats – good or bad, to expand your waist.

The scientific community is still divided what is good or bad fats and how they affect your cholesterol. The petrochemical industry may understand viscosity of oil better than do medical scientists understand the viscosity of blood. Auto mechanics understand what fuel should go into engine and that the car can explode before you get to where you are going if you use the wrong fuel.

Hydrogenated fats corrupt the function of the cell wall (membrane), brain cells, hormones, glands, transport of oxygen, and your digestive system. The bad fats and bad sugars create the ideal formula for cancer to grow and thrive – low oxygen and high blood sugar.

How Trans Fats Are Made
Trans fats are created during the frying process which produces acrylamides, a chemical used to make polyacrylamide and acrylamide copolymers. According to the National Cancer Institute, researchers found acrylamide in starchy foods heated above 120?C (248?F), but not below this temperature.

Actually, the nitrites are not the problem. But, as we digest sodium nitrite, it converts to the carcinogen, nitrosamine. Nitrosamines are in fried or smoked foods and tobacco smoke.

Some of the worst cancer causing foods are bacon; hot dogs; meats with sodium nitrite (and nitrates) added to provide a reddish color to give a "fresh" appeal; doughnuts (providing trans fats, white flour, sugar, and acrylamides); French fries and potato chips (made with hydrogenated oil fried at high temperatures); and anything with MSG which can now be hidden in yeast.

It’s Time To Take Self-Control of Your Health
More people are taking control of their own lives and learning what to do next. The quality of foods we eat, especially sugar, trigger the tipping point toward cancer or toward a more healthy life to stand against cancer.

Glycoscience will provide the next generation of doctors with a better understanding of nutrition. It’s about what sugars do to the body. Table sugar adds acid and feeds cancer. The first step is to stop feeding cancer cells already in your body. The second step is to replace the toxins with super foods including Smart Sugars.

The cancer controversy is confusing. Which cancer scan or screen is best and does the radiation from testing compound the problems. CT or Pet scans use radiation. Mammogram is X-ray. MRI is magnetic and PSA is a blood test. It is good to know your condition but request a second opinion and seek professional help and possible solutions outside of chemo and radiation.

What about sugars? To most people, “sugar is sugar” and sugar makes a good placebo. But, Smart Sugars can do much more than just help control your blood sugar? Perhaps cancer will soon be a thing of the past. The future of healthcare is exciting. We cannot make medical claims but we know without question that Smart Sugars are the future of medicine and of all healthcare.

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