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How to Balance Your Health for Stability and Longevity - Lesson #44

Glycoscience is Your Ticket for Quality LIFE

Glycoscience Lesson #44

by JC Spencer

Here are three of the many unseen influence factors involved in achieving homoeostasis in the human body. Each influence is a balancing act with a tipping point that allows for optimal health or catastrophic results. A slide down either side from the tipping point is catastrophic.

Homoeostasis (or homeostasis) is the self-regulating process of the body’s biological systems to achieve and maintain an equilibrium for stability of optimal health.

pH Factor
A balanced pH Factor is essential to life. Your pH is the active electrical state of your body chemistry. The action of your pH influences your whole body. Measurement of the pH makes known the acid action in relationship to the alkali action of a solution. The scale is from 0 to 14 pH with hydrochloric acid at “0" and alkali (sodium hydroxide/lye) at “14". Your body works hard to keep the blood at a neutral pH balance of 7.3. A blood pH that is too acidic or too alkaline will result in health issues. This quest to balance the blood pH is to compensate for the dominance of an acidic diet. To maintain a balanced blood pH of 7.3 is the first step toward Optimal Health.

Temperature Factor
Normal internal human body temperature is established at 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C). When the mitochondria is producing clean neuro-electricity and there is proper blood flow, the temperature is regulated throughout the body. Clean energy (without free radicals) is made possible by consuming good food and keeping toxins out of your body. The mitochondria may work harder to overcome infections and produce a fever in the process. Fever is your body’s way to compensate or adjust away from the dominance of cold, as in dead. To maintain a normal body temperature is a vital step toward Optimal Health.

Metabolic Factor
The two balancing phases of your metabolism are the catabolic phase and anabolic phase. Catabolic means to break down in a catastrophic or cataclysmic manner. Anabolic means to build up. Food is broken down to build up cells. Cells constantly break down in our bodies and we are constantly building new cells and tissue.

The catabolic/anabolic factor is a continuous cycle throughout the day and night, work and rest.

Catabolic/anabolic balance shifts with age. As we grow older, we need additional energy and rest to overcome fatigue and all its consequences. The tendency with age is to be more fatigued during the day and to not be able to “sleep like a baby” at night.

Maintaining your energy helps to balance your pH while resting helps to detox all of your vital organs.

Smart Sugars Factor
Glycoscience can help us achieve homoeostasis and the quality of life we desire. Low pH can result in fatigue. Proper exercise can help maintain a balanced pH. I have personally learned that additional Smart Sugars can reduce fatigue, inflamation, pain and even the need for as much additional rest as would otherwise be required. Balancing the work and rest is especially important for the workaholic and the couch potato. Rest eventually takes dominance so we are to work while it is still day.

We have an ongoing pH Study with Matched Funding for individuals interested in taking a significant step towards optimal health.

To participate in the pH Fusion Studies:

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Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life - http://DiabeticHope.com

Glycoscience Lesson #44 - http://GlycoscienceNEWS.com/pdf/Lesson44.pdf


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