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Smart Sugars Used to "Halt the Death Process" for Critically Ill - Lesson #50

Smart Sugars Used to "Halt the Death Process" for Critically Ill

May Allow More Time to Recover from Death’s Tipping Point!

Glycoscience Lesson #50

by JC Spencer

"Halt the Death Process" is an attempt to temporally stop the death process. This allows the body to start the healing process. Some efforts succeed. Most fail. Doctors in charge are sometimes in disbelief when the patient makes an "impossible" recovery after feeding them specific nontoxic Smart Sugars.

Dying patients provide data that help us better understand how to halt the death process. Defibrillators are used to restart the heart. When other organs fail, drastic measures are required. We have case studies of patients receiving sugar nutrients that sparked new life. Cases range in age from new born to the very elderly.

Scientists have discovered that certain biological carbohydrates impart energy and intelligence to cells. Universities in several countries are studying how these functional carbohydrates improve neuron function. We have evidence that specific sugars help proliferate stem cell production in the human body. Diabetics benefit.

At the Glycoscience Institute in Houston, medical professionals and the general public learn not how to treat or cure any disease. Rather, they learn how to optimize the patient’s immune and endocrine systems through glycosylation of specific sensors on the surface of cells. Glycosylation (to add glycans and glycoproteins to the cell surface) is accomplished with specific monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. These food nutrients are taken orally, or for the more critically ill are provided through a feeding tube under doctor supervision. In a special report, I explain how I personally received approval from teams of doctors in major medical institutions in Texas for "dying" patients to halt the death process from reaching the tipping point.

The Secret – Make Smart Sugars Abundant in the Dying patient in an Attempt to Halt the Death Process – Sometimes it Works.
Certain Smart Sugars sustain life by keeping cells alive and protected. When Smart Sugars are abundant on the cell surface, no virus or harmful bacteria, can penetrate the cell membrane. This is, in part, because the receptor sites are occupied and there are no docking sites available for the intruder.

In a healthy person, abundant Smart Sugars make it difficult to even get the flu. Studies show that certain sugars strengthen cell membrane, amplify cell signals, and lubricate the blood cells and capillary walls to improve blood flow for optimal cell nourishment.

How Super Smart Sensors Work Life is in the blood.
The mission of the multi-functional sensors on cells is to determine environmental status and provide digital and analog data feedback. Some 800,000 sensors per cell continually process dynamically changing complex information. This data creates serial packets of commands to cleanse an area or organ.

Your main control center is the brain, but Smart Sugars are building blocks for nano computing platforms where control is up close to resolve local problems and make repairs. Stem cells are satellite platform control centers that migrate to destination locations to repair and upgrade cells and organs. Redundant processors provide real-time data-processing and distribute the data throughout the body with the help of some 7 trillion glycans and glycoproteins per drop of blood.

We have proved that increasing the amount of certain intellectual carbohydrates in the body can improve performance of cell ladder logic capabilities and greater athletic abilities. More is better. More glycans, glycoproteins, and glycolipids in the human body will optimize its function for more reach, speed, precision and sometimes even to halt the death process.

Source and References:


Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain

Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life


Glycoscience Lesson #50


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