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New Immune Therapy Purges Leukemia - System Works where Chemotherapy Fails - Smart Sugars Lesson #50 E-mail

Download this Smart Sugar Lesson

by JC Spencer

Leukemia has been driven into remission in two out of three patients with immune therapy. So reports oncologist Austin Porter at the University of Pennsylvania in The New England Journal of Medicine. Porter said, “What we couldn’t do with chemotherapy, we were able to do in four weeks with immune therapy.”

Leukemia is the destroyer of white blood cells. Low levels of electrolytes diminish the immune system and reduce the body’s energy and ability to fight for life.

This immune therapy trial opens the door for new therapies for leukemia and potentially for millions who are suffering from other cancers.

Our Biological Clocks Operate on Smart Sugars - Smart Sugar Lesson #49 E-mail

by JC Spencer

Trillions of clocks are ticking in your cells to control quantum processes that determine your future. Your brain and every cell in your body operate constantly on synchronized and random biorhythms.

When TIME is right, it takes but a moment to construct dozens of mitochondria power plants, build and transcribe a two to three foot (2 feet to 3 feet) long strand of DNA, and assemble all the ready made parts for another cell. Certain cells duplicate into eight new cells in less than an hour (1 x 2 = 2; 2 x 2 = 4; 4 x 2 = 8).

We know that TIME is the measurement of events both great and small. But, what is TIME? When my son was five, I recall his asking me, “Daddy, where does TIME go?”

Connecting the Dots of Trehalose, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Lipids - Smart Sugars Lesson #48 E-mail

Click here to download this Smart Sugar Lesson.

Smart Sugars are confirmed to be the icing on the cake of life. Without this icing, the cake would die.

Glycolipids (communication devices inside the human cell) and glycoproteins (communication devices, receptor sites, on the surface of cells) form the OS (operating system) and are responsible for all cellular communication. Only when the OS is functioning optimally is dementia and poor health prevented or corrected. Your brain is the control center for data from all your senses and communication.

New interesting information has been brought to our attention about Trehalose, Ceylon cinnamon, and lipids. The combination may hold exciting results. The individual set of components already have had amazing results. Connecting these three dots is interesting and while we are not sure of any synergistic effects, participants in our Pilot Survey may answer that question.

The Sugar to Remove BO - Smart Sugars Lesson #47 E-mail

The Sugar to Remove BO - A Study of Seniors and Human Body Odor Removal - Smart Sugars Lesson #47

Click here to download this Smart Sugar Lesson.

by JC Spencer

Drug companies and nutritional companies are seeking new uses for sugars. A recent discovery for Smart Sugars is for removing human BO.

Perhaps the discovery that this Smart Sugar removes human BO came about after learning that it improves flavor and protects the good aromatic volatiles while it appears to remove the bad flavors and bad aromas.

The last few years have brought extended research on the properties of Smart Sugars to better understand their roles and why they are so abundance in nature.

New findings verify that the sugar Trehalose is able to sustain and preserve a wide array of biological molecules and is growing in its use in skin care and therapeutic products.

Update on our matching funds T/C+ Pilot Survey E-mail

by J. C. Spencer

1) The Leukemia, Diabetic and General Health T/C+ Pilot Survey currently has participants in three countries and many states. More participants are welcome. This six month study starts for each person on the date they begin. Detailed information about the matching funding is online at http://www.endowmentmed.org/content/view/1164

Each participant will receive a six month supply of T/C+. To order the product for the T/C+ Pilot Survey, click on http://www.endowmentmed.org/AllTrehaloseProducts.html#TC+

The Endowment for medical Research, Inc in Houston is conducting this Nutritional Pilot Survey. If you would like to be a part of this groundbreaking program, register now for participation in the study at http://www.endowmentmed.org/content/view/1164

To learn more about this pilot survey, click on http://www.endowmentmed.org/EducateTCPlus.htm

Your Immune System - Flu Shots and the Sugar Fix for Pathogens - Smart Sugars Lesson #46 E-mail

Click here to download this Smart Sugar Lesson.

by JC Spencer

Can you count on your flu shot more than your immune system? You decide after this Lesson. We are told that the flu shots (influenza vaccines) are 60% to 70% effective. Reality is much different as reported in The Lancet October 26, 2011. The Lancet is the world’s leading general medical journal.

The CDC recommends seasonal flu shots for most people – especially those with weak immune systems. The claim is that flu shots prevent the flu; however, the shots pose some risks. The flu shot contains dead flu viruses. The idea is that when you are exposed to these dead viruses, the immune system creates and stores antibodies that are critical in fighting off flu infections.

Introducing New to Culinary Science E-mail
Introducing New to Culinary Science - 3 Unique Trehalose Flavor Enhancers

Introducing New to Culinary Science -
3 Unique Trehalose Flavor Enhancers

What a wonderful gift to give - the gift of Love, Health, and Health Education!

This unique gift of 3 different shakers filled with T/C+, Trehalose Granular and Confectionery Trehalose is now available at the regular price of $27.77 plus $5.00 shipping in the USA.

The functional food blend (called T/C+) consists of Ceylon cinnamon, the sugar trehalose, and bio-available ionic multi-trace minerals in phytonutrient form. T/C+ can be used anytime you would normally add cinnamon to flavor your foods or beverages.

Confectionery Trehalose and Trehalose Granular Flavor Enhancer compliment all foods in every nationality. Improve the flavor of appetizers, soups, sauces, meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, charcuterie, entrees, breads, pastries, desserts and hot and cold drinks.

Click here to order your Unique Gift of Three Different Shakers Filled with T/C+, Trehalose Granular and Confectionery Trehalose today!

Diabetes Tipping Point turns to Critical Mass - Smart Sugars Lesson #45 E-mail

Click here to download this Smart Sugar Lesson.

Explaining the importance of glucose

by JC Spencer

Medical science is losing ground when it comes to diabetes. There were an estimated 7,740,000 Americans with diabetes in 1994 (about 3% of the population). Today MORE than 25,800,000 have diabetes (over 8% of the population). And, multitudes are getting close to the tipping point.

When we focus on the wrong things, they get worse. When we focus on that which is perfect, we tend to go in that direction. Let us look at perfect cells and what makes them that way.

The cause of diabetes is simple and the solution may be as simple. Taking action is the culprit. The main reasons for so many cases of diabetics is poor nutrition, low protein, not enough fiber, processed foods, and lack of proper exercise. Eating foods that are high in sugar and HFS increases the risk for yourself, your children, and grandchildren getting diabetes.

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