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New Affiliate Program E-mail

News from The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.

Today The Endowment introduces a new service of great value and benefit to our friends... our Affiliate Program.  The Affiliate Program gives you greater leverage to educate others about Glycomics.  You have the tools through our website to educate others in Glycomics, the science of sugars, and now YOU CAN BE REWARDED FOR EDUCATING OTHERS.

The Affiliate Program is FREE but an Affiliate must be Certified.  As a Certified Affiliate, you can send your friends and contacts to The Endowment website through your personalized encrypted link/banner on your website, in your blog, or at the bottom of your e-mails. 

You will be protected and automatically notified when anyone comes to The Endowment website through your link, to purchase anything in our Store Front or request more information.  It is simple... check out our Affiliate Program and earn while you and others learn.

Click on the Affiliate Program link and learn how you can benefit from Sharing the Sugar Story starting today. 

J. C. Spencer

Trehalose Replacing MSG E-mail

The Sugar Trehalose is a Healthful Replacement for MSG

Comments by J. C. Spencer

A small amount of the sugar trehalose can be used to enhance the flavor of foods in a healthful way. MSG is widely used to make foods more flavorful but MSG has serious side effects including possible inflammation, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and liver disease. MSG can induce neuronal death. MSG may have contributed more damage to neurodegenerative diseases than we previously thought. But now, a pinch of trehalose is not only a fabulous replacement for MSG but appears to be one of the best brain foods available.

Here are three Abstracts from recently published papers on monosodium glutamate (MSG).

NEWS RELEASE - for immediate release E-mail

August 19, 2008 - Houston, Texas

In an effort to better inform healthcare professionals and the general public about the science of sugars, The Endowment for Medical Research announced today that it is releasing three Glycomics Educational Training Kits. Most healthcare professionals are still unaware of the science although there are over 465,000 references to glycoproteins on the NIH sponsored website at www.pubmed.gov/ and MIT said it is one of the technologies that will change the way we live.

Details about the doctors and professors in the Training Kits can be found online at www.endowmentmed.org/ Participants are able to acquire fourteen hours of glycomics training on a first come first served basis.

The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and scientific research public charity located in Houston, Texas.

Nine Sugars that Produce Healthy Human Cells E-mail

First in a series starting with MANNOSE with the understanding that research indicates they work synergistically when eaten together.

by J. C. Spencer

Picture of man holding clipboardThe knowledge of glycomics, the study of sugars, is growing exponentially.  The National Library of Medicine sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on their website www.PubMed.gov cites 465,656 references (as of this writing) to published papers on glycoprotein.  Scientists are adding so many new research papers each day (thousands per month) that it is nearly impossible for anyone to keep up with the progress of glycomics.  PubMed references to published papers on one of the nine sugars, mannose, is already at 21,306.

Language, Tone, and Volume of Glycoprotein Signals to Modulate Cytokines for Proper Immune Response E-mail

Comments by J. C. Spencer

The language, tone, and volume of glycoprotein signals hold the key to the future of medical science.  They hold the key to the ultimate diagnostic analysis.  Understanding these codes will enable us to better see the battlefield of hidden health challenges.  As we learn the language, tone, and volume of these signals can we better develop the strategies for winning the battles.  Every cell of the human body is transmitting signals in its cry for help or simply in its request for proper nutrition.

In this posting you will see that scientists are pushing the boundaries and peering into the possibilities for new diagnostic tools. Let us look at the research done here in the US on the IL-8 protein and then look at the work with the IL-8 work done in

Glycomics Used to Find Biomarkers for Breast Cancer E-mail

Comments by J. C. Spencer

Surface carbohydrates on cells serve as points of attachment for other cell infectious bacteria and many other molecules We have long known that certain sugars play a major role in developing healthy cells.  More healthy glycoprotein receptor sites on the surface of cells indicate the cells are healthy.  Cancer cells do not have (or have fewer) glycoprotein receptors. Glycomics research (the study of sugars) suggests that glycan profiles may contain distinct biomarkers to denote signatures of cancer.  Our earlier postings indicate that measuring the amount of sugars on the cell surface is the future in diagnostics.

The Poison Acrylamide is Caused by Sugars in Our Diet When Fried as in French fries and potato chips E-mail

Comments by J. C. Spencer

Acrylamide Acrylamide may be causing or contributing to neurodegenerative diseases. New poisons are adding to our diseases and compounding our health challenges.  A new word for your vocabulary is ACRYLAMIDE.  This cancer causing nerve damaging chemical is formed by certain sugars in our diet when those sugars are boiled in oil.  The most noted food products are French fries and potato chips.

Reprogramming Adult Stem Cells in Parkinson’s Study E-mail

Mature Cells Reprogrammed to Act Like Stem Cells in Parkinson's Study

(April 11, 2008 - Insidermedicine) An animal model of Parkinson's disease has been successfully treated via transplantation of mature cells that have been reprogrammed to act like embryonic stem cells, according to research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Here are some recommendations for initiating treatment for Parkinson's disease from the American Academy of Neurology:

•    Consider initial symptomatic treatment with selegiline in order to confer mild, symptomatic benefit prior to the institution of dopaminergic therapy.

•    Use either levodopa or a dopamine agonist in patients who require the initiation of dopaminergic treatment. The choice depends on the relative impact of improving motor disability (better with levodopa) compared with the lessening of motor complications (better with dopamine agonists).

•    Consider using either an immediate-release or sustained-release preparation for patients in whom levodopa treatment is being instituted.
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