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Creative Technique May Hold Major Medical Answers - Lesson #18 E-mail

International Research Team Confirms Our pH Fusion Tea Technique

GlycoScience Lesson #18
by JC Spencer

Cell membrane researchers from Australia are part of an international team that has helped create a technique to carry chloride ions through sodium channels that cause cancer cells to self-destruct.

We found we can trigger cell death with salt," said study co-author Professor Philip Gale, of the University of Southampton.

Professor Jonathan Sessler at the University of Texas said, “We have thus closed the loop and shown that this mechanism of chloride influx into the cell by a synthetic transporter does indeed trigger apoptosis. This is exciting because it points the way toward a new approach to anti-cancer drug development.” This research may also benefit cystic fibrosis.

The Coming Tsunami of Infections - Lesson #17 E-mail

Caused by Out-Of-Control Viruses and Bacteria

GlycoScience Lesson #17
by JC Spencer

Deadly diseases have started to ravage the planet and there is no escape except a good immune system. Fear not and be prepared. This is not a message of gloom and doom but one of preparation for the fight of your life.

• Diseased immigrants flood our boarders.
• Ebola totally out of control in West Africa.
• Saudi Arabia issues deadly Mers warning.
• Deadly bacteria can get out of control
   because of CDC laboratory procedures.
• Hantavirus kills about half of those infected.
• Nonalcoholic liver disease is now epidemic.
• viral disaster is ahead that could kill a
   third of all humanity.
• Medical blunders endanger lives with more
   unskilled “professionals”.
• Bio-terrorism is a valid concern that could
   kill millions.
• Toxins increasing on all fronts.
• Open borders - what could possibly go

Deer mice pass on the killer hantavirus to humans by excrement dust airborne when one sweeps or vacuums.

Ice Bucket Challenge Brings A Chilly Awareness of ALS - Lesson #16 E-mail

Can ALS be slowed - stopped - or reversed?  Exciting New Research!

GlycoScience Lesson #16
by JC Spencer

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept the country and brought awareness to this horrible neurological disease. That’s a good thing! In the process millions of dollars were raised.

What is ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease?
Answer: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. “Amyotrophic” is from the Greek, meaning: “The muscles get no nourishment.” (Oxford English Dictionary: A = not; myo (mus, muo) = muscle; trophic(trophe) = nourishment).

Lack of nourishment causes a cell to die. ALS progresses and affects nerve cells in the brain, spinal cord and eventually all muscles of the body before death. As the motor neurons die, the ability to control movement is lost. The cause of or the propensity toward ALS may be genetic or a toxic environment. Researchers have determined that the hereditary cause is mutation of a single gene of the 9th or 21st chromosome. Non-hereditary ALS may also be mutation of a gene in the same chromosomes caused by nano-size toxins that find their way and bond to the double-helix of the DNA, causing an interruption of sequencing.

There may be a better way to address the ALS challenge than throwing millions of dollars into drug research in an attempt to solve a nutritional absorption defect. Is there a way to get the vital nutrients inside the cell?

Inside the Brain: Depression - Antidepressants - Suicide - Lesson #15 E-mail

Things you never knew about Robin Williams

GlycoScience Lesson #15
by JC Spencer

The suicide of comedian Robin Williams prompted speculation of how the brain works in depression. Why did he become so distraught that he ended his life?

A passionate person, especially a bipolar or ADHD passionate person, can feel a depth of sorrow or fear that may trigger an impulse to take immediate action though that action be dead wrong. Antidepressants are  dangerous drugs known to take control and take lives.

Williams evidenced strong self-will. He snorted cocaine with John Belushi the night Belushi died. Robin suddenly went “cold turkey,” quitting alcohol and cocaine on his own – an act of the will he thought may be rooted in his mother’s faith in God... He succumbed after 20 years of sobriety. Financial struggles appear to have contributed to his depression.

Ebola Virus Must Be Stopped or Catastrophic Epidemic is Near - Lesson #14 E-mail

There’s no sure treatment. Has the plague started?

GlycoScience Lesson #14
by JC Spencer

The Ebola virus should cause no alarm for Americans. So say some doctors on national television in their attempt to calm the public. But, the outbreak has already killed 729 in West Africa by the end of July (2014) and is spreading too fast to be controlled.

Mutation and adaptation are in the virus’ arsenal to continually deliver surprises to perplexed healthcare professionals. The virus has made its way to larger cities and airports. Reports are coming in from people in various countries confirming contact with the virus victims.

Is Ebola transmitted only through direct contact with bodily fluids? No one is sure and all the facts are not in. The Ebola infection fatality rate may be over 90%. It is a horrible death as the virus attacks the blood vessels leading to hemorrhaging internally and externally.

We are proud to announce the Glycoscience Whitepaper E-mail

Houston, Texas - June 10, 2014

This white paper is an authoritative, informative, evaluation of Glycoscience for readers to clearly understand the significant potential and future of this science. The document presents the case for how this disruptive technology can solve the medical debacle, correct the healthcare crisis and lower healthcare costs.

The Glycoscience whitepaper explains the future in medical diagnostics where we will no long need to use the words treat, cure or disease. The document introduces a clear plan of action for tomorrow’s doctors because their patients will demand it.

View the Glycoscience whitepaper
Click on the whitepaper link.

You have our permission to forward this to your friends so they can also view this exciting new Glycoscience whitepaper.

Thanks for helping educate others in Glycoscience.

JC Spencer
The Endowment for Medical Research, Inc.

The Four Bio-markers Will Reveal Time Of Death - Lesson #13 E-mail

Four bio-markers common among the dead. (Part 2 of 2)

GlycoScience Lesson #13
by JC Spencer

It is our intent to conduct Pilot Surveys in the future using these four bio-markers of death; but, let’s not wait. Learn more about these bio-markers today.

The four harbingers of death can be readily detected in a blood sample, and are even predictive of death when seen in apparently healthy people. They are: (1) alpha-1-acid glycoprotein; (2) albumin; (3) very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) particle size; and (4) citrate.

NEW Discovery - Four Bio-markers Will Reveal Time Of Death - Lesson #12 E-mail

You don’t want to know – unless you can extend the bio-markers.  (Part 1 of 2)

GlycoScience Lesson #12
by JC Spencer

Major blood discovery marks time of death years in advance. Finnish and Estonian researchers report that they have identified the four bio-markers of death. They discovered specific levels of four chemicals in the blood that offer reliable signals that death is near. Researchers used nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to establish the bio-markers. (published in the journal PLOS Medicine February 2014).

The knowledge of these four bio-markers move us a step closer to the ultimate Glycoscience diagnostic system.

For two decades, I have studied and contemplated the future of Glycoscience in medicine and healthcare. Now, with new research comes the ability for looking at four bio-markers that, unless extended, will result in high risk of death within five years even for people who appear healthy.

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