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Special Offer for our International Readers and Friends

We have just been hit with an increase in shipping costs outside the United States. Starting immediately we have increased the value of our International Orders by giving a fresh off-the-press copy of Introducing SMART SUGARS - Sugars the Speak. Why we should listen!

This science book retails for $29.97 and will be included at no extra charge in all orders of 18 pounds or more of Trehalose shipped outside the US.

The purpose of Introducing Smart Sugars is to provide a starting point for all people to learn about the imminent paradigm shift in medicine and healthcare. Super Sugars are evidence-based and the results are in the irrefutable facts. The emerging data from ongoing research are nothing short of amazing.

The future of medicine and healthcare is Glycoscience. Undeniably, scientists agree that the explosive technological advances in Glycoscience will transform medicine and healthcare.

Glycoscience has the potential to dramatically reduce health care costs.

Glycoscience is rapidly becoming a part of mainstream medicine and was declared by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as “ONE OF THE 10 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.”

Working together, The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Research Council, the National Academy of Sciences, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), formed a committee to evaluate the importance, impact, and future of Glycoscience. The group was charged to “articulate a unified vision for the field on Glycoscience and Glycomics” and to “develop a roadmap with concrete research goals to significantly advance the field.” We will report on the committee and keep our readers informed with an easy to understand format.

It is exciting for these significant agencies to request Glycoscience be taught in high school science classes as well as undergraduate and graduate education. This will assure that future generations will know about the science.

The book provides a glimpse of the Glycoscience of tomorrow and how the future of the human race will be enriched in ways only dreamed of before. The book explains where Glycoscience can take us today and tomorrow.

Four FACTS about Smart Sugars

Most Smart Sugars are: (1) unknown to the public; (2) are not sweet (some are sweet); (3) extremely beneficial to good health; and (4) the building blocks for the operating system (OS) of the human body.

These specific sugars, often called glyconutrients and are unique. Contrary to common thought, glyconutrients are functional beyond just supplying energy to the body. Your body uses these sugar building blocks to construct the actual operating system (OS) of every cell.

The sugars and sweeteners consumed by Westerners, such as table sugar (sucrose) and synthetic sweeteners, lower the quality of health and contribute to obesity, diabetes, and other diseases plaguing humans. Bad sugars and sweeteners weaken the immune system and all the other vital functions of the body. The really good sugars, which I call “Royal Sugars”, or “Smart Sugars” as discussed in this book, can actually help modulate your immune system and balance your hormones which is vital to your health and longevity.

Prior to fifty or so years ago our ancestors ate more unprocessed foods and natural sweeteners containing Smart Sugars. Today our foods are depleted of many nutrients and necessary Smart Sugars. It is more important today than ever to supplement our diets with these beneficial functional sugars and with natural vitamins and minerals.

The answer to the healthcare crisis is to maintain good health through prevention. A strong, well-modulated immune system and well-functioning endocrine system are vital to your health and longevity.