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Is the Ebola Virus Airborne and will it Escalate As Experts Predict? - Lesson #19

Viruses mutate so quickly that drugs developed today will be obsolete yesterday.

GlycoScience Lesson #19
by JC Spencer

A Center for Immigration Studies report based on US State Department figures estimates 200,000 USA travel visas are held by people in the Ebola infested countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Experts fear that there is an escalating public health threat. The State Department ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits for protection from airborne contamination. Viral mutation can be swift and indications are that it can mutate to become airborne.

The immune system, when properly equipped, will give orders to assassinate any virus that attacks the body. If the glycans and glycoproteins on the cells’ surfaces are weak or confused, they lack the ability to communicate the commands to defend themselves. The virus wins!

Viruses are the greatest example of evil manifested in nature. They are worse than parasites which feed on and live off of another life form. A virus is powerless on its own (unable to eat, secrete or replicate) without attaching itself to a cell. Using the code of cell language, it communicates directly to the host cell, “Don’t reproduce yourself. Reproduce Me! Here are my codes.

If a virus is unsuccessful in its mission to kill the cell, it mutates and gets ready to make another attack. Some researchers believe that a virus can join with another virus to combine codes to unlock the defense system and cause the cell to replicate the virus. When two or more viruses attach onto a weak cell and share their already mutated codes, a major mutation leap can possibly occur.

This new radically changed set of codes enables the virus to more easily pick the locks of other cells unless protection of the immune system is sufficient. When mutation is so drastic, a pandemic is inevitable.

While writing this lesson on Ebola, I pulled a book by Richard Preston off my library shelf. Written twenty years ago, THE HOT ZONE is a terrifying true story of lethal viruses and their attacks on the human race. Preston explains that the Zaire strain of Ebola, the one loose today, is the most dangerous strain.

Experts, including William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University, don’t want to think about Ebola becoming airborne because, “We have so many problems with Ebola, let’s not make another one...” Some say major natural hurdles make it unlikely that Ebola will go airborne. It attacks blood vessels but not the respiratory system and does not have the receptor sites to lock onto cells in the upper airway. “They have to develop attachments to do that,” Schaffner says. Yet, Ebola spreads quickly and easily without such mutations.

THE HOT ZONE describes General Dr Philip Russell’s concern back in the 1980s and declares that everyone at USAMRIID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infection Diseases) “concluded that Ebola is airborne.” Preston interviewed Colonel Nancy Jaax who confirmed that the Zaire Ebola in a monkey was exposed through the lungs in 1986. “There were Ebola crystalloids bursting out of the lungs... The lungs were popping Ebola directly into the air.” Jaax showed pictures of the lungs to C. J. Peters who left the Army to become chief of the Special Pathogens Branch at the CDC. He confirmed to Preston, “If you look at pictures of lungs from a monkey with Ebola Zaire, you see that the lungs are fogged with Ebola.” Peters said that they really don’t know if Ebola spreads in the air. He added, “If it can, that’s about the worst thing you can imagine.”

Fact:   Viruses mutate so quickly that drugs developed today will be obsolete yesterday.
Solution:       Superior cell protection comes from improved glycans and glycoproteins which will equip the immune system for the fierce battles ahead. Smart Sugars provide the building blocks for this to be accomplished.

When we apply Glycoscience to the problem, millions of live may be saved. www.Glycosciencewhitepaper.com

Source and References:





The Hot Zone by Richard Preston - The Most Dangerous Strain pgs 254-256

www.GlycoscienceNEWS.com    Introducing SMART SUGARS



Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain

Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life   http://DiabeticHope.com

Glycoscience Lesson #19   http://www.GlycoscienceNEWS.com/pdf/Lesson19.pdf


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