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Proteins Folded By Unseen Influences That Contribute to Diabetes and more - Lesson #27

Proteins Folded By Unseen Influences That Contribute to Diabetes, Stress, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, MS and ALS

Part 3 of 4 - Making G-proteins

GlycoScience Lesson #27

by JC Spencer

Many influences to fold proteins are hidden from view. Tomorrow’s doctors will observe and be able to show to their patients these unseen influences, determine their origins and intercept their consequences.

How can the same drug or nutrient have different effects on the human body? How can the same wave-particle properties produce drastically different outcomes?

Some 800,000 unique gnarly treelike sugar structures coat healthy cells. These glycan and glycoprotein antennas are the epitomes of entanglement. Every fold and angle of the fold is caused by endless numbers of unseen influences. The folds equip each antenna with its communicating abilities to operate with clear fidelity or static of hisses and squeals. How proteins are folded determine the quality of communication and  neurological health.

The importance of the tipping point factor is understood in a vision of a perfectly balanced scale of two buckets. Envision half the water of all the oceans in each bucket. The scale will tilt in either direction as you let fall one drop of water into either bucket. The single drop of H2O has great influence as its weight becomes relevant. Now, all the weight in the slowing falling bucket gathers momentum.

Like the tilted scale, propensity is altered as external influences gather momentum and compound the influences. I postulate that the peer pressure of particle momentum influences atoms, ions, photons, magnetism, radiation and thought. All this is manipulated further with variant thermal conditions, light of various spectrums, rate of radioactive decay, direction of rotation, speed of spin, angles, gravity, electrical discharge transfer of energy and influences of which we yet know nothing.

Are you asking, “How can thought be involved in quantum glycobiology?” In clinical studies, the placebo effect works in about 32% of those taking a sugar pill, a “bad sugar” pill yet. Animals don’t exhibit placebo effects.

Quantum glycobiology need be applied in the entanglement of proteins and sugars that form glycolipids and glycoproteins. They build the Operating System (OS) of the human body.

Entanglement baffled Einstein. He called quantum physics, “spooky action at a distance.” The reason the entanglement factor is so important is that it can trigger the tipping point level of efficacy. The relativity factor of future science is to understand entanglement.

Invisible forces come in many forms of energy. Scientists grasp at quantum’s bizarre proper-ties to solve mysteries of the evident influence of these unseen forces. Closer observation will enable us to harness quantum influences.

In Part 4, we look at how we can change G-protein structure to improve health.

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SMART SUGARS www.OneSmartSugar.com/video.html

Expand Your Mind - Improve Your Brain

Change Your Sugar, Change Your Life:

Glycoscience Lesson #27   http://www.GlycoscienceNEWS.com/pdf/Lesson27.pdf


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