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Lose Weight - Control Your Blood Sugar - Screen for Cancer - Lesson #38 Part 2 of 3

Your New Year’s Resolution - Simple, Easy and Doable
Most fail - But, You Can Succeed with 3 Easy Steps!

Glycoscience Lesson #38 Part 2 of 3 FATS and SUGARS
Part 3 of 3 will be FATS, SUGARS and CANCER

by JC Spencer

Are you one of many who suddenly realize that it is time to trim the waistline. This year you have help from the FDA.

Good fats are vital and essential. Bad fats are harmful. Ugly fats can kill you. Smart Sugars are good. Other sugars are bad. Good fats and good sugars produce a healthy life. Fats and sugars can extend your life or kill you via cancer. It is important to learn what is best.

Lose Weight - Eliminate Trans Fats
The FDA is out to help you this year by putting a ban on trans fats and requiring food producers to phase out trans fats totally.

Most trans fats are unsaturated and synthetically made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. This hydrogenation process saves money by extending shelf life resulting in less spoilage. Trans fats have no health benefits but make foods taste better and feel less greasy. Some trans fats are found in, beef, pork and dairy products which are reported to be even worse than man made fats.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
But, you say, I thought unsaturated fats were good for you. Medical science is confused on the issue but more evidence is coming to light. There are different kinds (good and bad) saturated and unsaturated fats.

Trans fats are on the ugly end of the scale and Essential Omega-3 fatty acids are on the good end of the scale. To confuse the issue more, there are good fish and bad fish. There are various quality degrees for processing Omega-3.

It may be that all fats serve a purpose in small amounts but we now know that Omega-6 can harm you and Omega-3 can help you. Trans fats can harm but most unsaturated fats are beneficial.

In a study of cholesterol, we discussed what HDL (healthy) and LDL (lethal) have to do with viscosity. The reason trans fats are bad is that this man-made fat increases your LDL and lowers your HDL. Saturated fats give rise to LDL and lowers HDL. Unsaturated fats raise HDL and lower LDL.

The next generation of medical professionals will better understand nutrition. The petrochemical industry may better understand viscosity of oil than do medical scientists understand the viscosity of blood. The emphasis for better health is changing to include what the fuel does to the engine and how far it can take the vehicle without exploding.

We should avoid most bad fats; however, the scientific community is still divided on the various kinds of fats and how they affect the cholesterol.

What about sugars? To most people, “sugar is sugar” and sugar makes a good placebo. But, Smart Sugars can do much more than just help control your blood sugar? What about cancer? Perhaps cancer will soon be a thing of the past. The future of healthcare is exciting. You know we cannot make medical claims but Smart Sugars are the future of medicine.

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