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Common Cause For All Neurodegenerative Disorders

Common Cause Found
For All Neurodegenerative Disorders

Studies Show Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Huntington Disease may have Same Cause

Protein Structural Design Affects Signal Function


Genetic Diseases Linked to Malfunction of Proteins

Viruses ARE also

Misfolded Proteins.

by J. C. Spencer

   We had over a hundred Alzheimer’s and Parkinson sufferers in our Pilot Surveys at The Endowment for Medical Research before we knew there was a common cause.

   The growing family of neurodegenerative disorders include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Huntington, prion encephalopathies1 and cystic fibrosis.

   The commonality is misfolded polypep-tide chains which are toxic to the cell.

The commonality is misfolded polypeptide2 chains which are toxic to the cell3.

   Genetic diseases are linked to the loss of function of certain gene properties.

   Toxicity in the cell is a major contributing factor to corruption of the signals the cells receive and transmit via their glycoprotein receptor sites covering their surfaces.

   The question appears to be, “Did the toxins cause the misfolding of the protein or did the misfolding generate the toxins.” While the answer may be, “Both”, one thing is for certain. It was the corruption of the signals that caused and compounded the abnormality.

   Scientists conclude that glycomics (which deal with genes and proteomics which deal with proteins) is the science that will change the way we address healthcare. Specific saccharides are required for the cells to be healthy and communicate with distinctive signals.

   Signal corruption may cause abnormalities that lead to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, and Huntington disease. AIDS or other deadly diseases may be caused by viruses as they are formed by the misfolding of proteins.

   Years ago I wrote the following words that seem to fit the occasion. Please be patient as this does address the chaos of genetic diseases. This following article is lifted from a section I entitled


   All SYSTEMS utilize a DESIGN (structure) and have a FUNCTION. Chaos happens when the DESIGN and FUNCTION do not fit the SYSTEM. Everything from infinity inward to infinity outward, from within an atom to beyond the universe4 is one SYSTEM. The universe we know is millions of light years in radius. This envelope of time and space may be the bubble in which evil and its resulting chaos are bound. Is the universe a giant cosmic prison from which there is no escape except through Truth? I explain the disaster untruth brings in just a moment. One SYSTEM within a more powerful SYSTEM operates under the terms of the more powerful SYSTEM or chaos takes over. Each cell of all life and all matter is a SYSTEM to make up many other SYSTEMS. The DESIGN of each atom5 is from the blueprint. The FUNCTION incorporates time and results in the intended SYSTEM when everything is engineered according to DESIGN, the genetic code.

   Each SYSTEM has an established, a DESIGNED, boundary that separates it from other SYSTEMS. The shield of that SYSTEM may be a force field, a membrane of a cell, the hide of an animal, the wall of a city, the border of a country, or the atmospheric envelope of earth or the unseen bounds of our universe.

   The components DESIGNED into a SYSTEM that enable it to FUNCTION may include the nucleus and electrons of an atom , the molecules of the cell, the organs of the animal, the inhabitants of the city, the governments of the country or the oceans of the planets.

   The DESIGN can be captured as a single frame of infinitesimal time. FUNCTION is more blurred to our perception as it considers time while the SYSTEM changes, grows, flows, transfers, evolves, or exchanges. Or, when chaos reaches a fatal stage, the SYSTEM dies and is assimilated into another SYSTEM.

   The elements of the DESIGN give the structure its characteristics and limits the FUNCTION of the SYSTEM. In an atom it is the DESIGN, the placement, of the elements within the atom that gives the atom its FUNCTION. The rotation, direction of rotation, speed of rotation and degree of angle from each other are all important to its FUNCTION.

   The SYSTEM of a particular atom must FUNCTION to the desired DESIGN for it to remain stable and not fly apart into chaos. The DESIGN of each molecule is from its blueprint. The FUNCTION of the molecule(s) is determined by the DESIGN of the SYSTEM in which it FUNCTIONS. All parts of a SYSTEM'S DESIGN must take into con-sideration the bigger SYSTEM of which it is a part for it to have the desired FUNCTION.

   The DESIGN aspect of an atom, a molecule, compound, organism, or organization, regardless of its size, is its blueprint. We may view the DESIGN while it is more difficult to understand its FUNCTION. In every example of nature we can see and understand that the slightest change in arrangement, change in the DESIGN, of the atoms or molecules has a drastic affect on its FUNCTION, on its results. A simple example was covered in a science paper I wrote year's ago in high school entitled, Two Deadly Poisons, Yet I Eat Them Daily. The two poisons are sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). Together (NaCl), they build an ingredient necessary for life. It is called salt. Sodium, by itself, is a SYSTEM and has a FUNC-TION. Outside its DESIGN for a specific FUNCTION there is chaos. Chlorine, by itself, is a SYSTEM and has a FUNCTION. Outside its DESIGN for a specific FUNC-TION there is chaos. Together they (NaCl) form another SYSTEM with a totally different FUNCTION. Separately they are poison, but now together by DESIGN, they FUNCTION beneficially for all.

   A working SYSTEM contains a DESIGN made to achieve a specific FUNCTION. There is no chaos in a SYSTEM when the true DESIGN for a specific FUNCTION is in proper timing at a precise location. Any flaw in a SYSTEM will result in chaos if not corrected. Any flaw is caused simply by changing the FUNCTION ever so slightly from its DESIGN. Or, any flaw is caused simply by changing the DESIGN ever so slightly from its intended FUNCTION.

Communication Between SYSTEMS

   Within each DESIGN the components store volumes of information, energy, and matter. Each SYSTEM is DESIGNED to communi-cate with its different components and other SYSTEMS with which it is to FUNCTION. The communication may be physical, chemical, magnetic, electrical or any combination thereof. This communication initiates the exchange of energy and matter. The communication pathways of all things develop through neurotransmitters, receptor sites, transmissions lines in the expanding form of wires, cables, pipe, nerves, arteries, veins, rivers, roads, waterways, and airways.

   After the communication network is established, a transfer of information, energy, and matter is possible between components within the SYSTEM and other SYSTEMS associated. The main FUNCTION between components and SYSTEMS is to flow Truth (no false signals), energy, and matter needed by the other components and SYSTEMS.

   The mind is a wonderful thing to not waste. Doubt and negative responses are given toward faith in good things when false data is stored in the brain. We know that a hypochondriac develops illness from an otherwise healthy body. The brain obeys the constant signals of welcoming illness because it becomes convinced that signal is Truth. Not only is the single hypochondriac affected but others as well including the family, friends, and community. Yeshua could do few works in His home community of Nazareth because of doubt. The brain obeys the constant right signals when we have the proper instruction hidden in every DNA strand of the body. It is not just one error. The error is proliferated throughout the body.

   DESIGNED into the SYSTEM are the harmonious seeking signals for checks and balances. When a component or SYSTEM has a need, other components or SYSTEMS come to the rescue even though it means their destruction.

A Look at a Tiny SYSTEM

   If you think little tiny SYSTEMS are not important, listen to the words of the Nobel laureate, Dr. Joshua Lederberg6, "Our only real competitors for dominion of the planet remains the viruses."

   A single virus is a tiny evil commando that doesn't eat, secrete, or propel itself. It is unable to reproduce without the aid of another living cell. The virus follows its pre-programmed instructions to reprogram the cells of another organism, making that organism the host.

   By reprogramming the host cell the virus causes that cell to become a traitor, directing it to cease its DESIGNED FUNCTION and instead to replicate the invader, producing clones of the virus.

   "The virus then seizes key positions in the host's body and spreads to other hosts-in-waiting at the first opportunity.

   "Some viruses attack and disable their victims with cruel speed. ... Other viruses take years to harm their hosts. AIDS7 can incubate for up to a decade, allowing the deadly agent plenty of time to pass to new hosts before its ill-effects become apparent. Others [viruses], such as herpes simplex, co-exists so well we're often unaware of their presence8."

   It has been said that the flu virus has a thousand lives. We can catch the flu many times over because of its prodigious capabil-ity to genetically change. The virus contains substances called antigens. Each viruses' antigens have tiny spots on their surfaces that fit onto a certain section of the antibody, similar to a key in a lock. Upon contact of an antibody with the virus, a command signal is given and the antigen is disabled, resulting in the disappearance of the flu symptoms.

   Viruses mutate quickly, changing their combination or signals. An ever so slight mutation of the antigens is all that is necessary to negate all the antibodies that have been resident for years. This enables the virus to infect you all over again and again and again. A new antibody must be produced to go after the newly DESIGNED invaders.

   Morse and Brown conclude that "if we don't take steps to monitor and contain their [viruses’] continual thrusts, one of their sorties could one day erupt into a global pandemic."

End of quote from my earlier writings.

   Important studies are now ongoing at The Endowment for Medical Research. Since we started the intense Pilot Surveys in 2004, we have gathered a lot of data and learned much from these studies. Reports about those studies are scheduled to appear in medical papers authored by Medical Writers: Patricia Smith (author of “Alzheimer’s” published in the Dummies series), H. Reg McDaniel, M.D., Charles Eschweiler, and university based investigators.

      H. Reg McDaniel, M.D. believes we are able to proliferate the patient’s production of stem cells and thereby increase the number of neurons in the brain which may address the structural misfolding of protein.

   Through the Pilot Surveys we are conducting following Dr. H. Reg McDaniel’s direction, we are able to document improvement in brain function.

   Cognizant and physical responses have been documented to be improved when the science of Glycomics is integrated into the equation.

   A combination of certain micronutrients in the form of glyconutrients, phytonutrients, and phytogenins, taken orally, produce positive alertness response, sometimes evidenced within minutes9. This knowledge demands continued research to determine the best pathway for optimal success.

   We plan to continue gathering research data in the area of brain function challenges in preparation for major research funding.

The mind is a wonderful thing not to waste.

A good night’s sleep is conducive to a better memory. Can you remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

1 associated with mad cow disease
2 A peptide is a small protein
3 From Alzheimer’s to Huntington: Why is a structural understanding so difficult? By Piero Andrae Temussi, Laura Masino and Annalisa Pastore - National Institute for Medical Research, University of Naples, Naples, Italy.

4 The inspiration to this understanding was developed by Jay Forrester
and his group at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The writings of the Frenchman, Joel de Rosnee' entitled The Macroscope also pried open the author's mind to better understand SYSTEMS.
5 The current theory of atoms state, “The nuclei act as point attractors immersed in a cloud of negative charge, the electron density p(r).” McMaster University, CA

6 Joshua Lederberg, Ph.D. is professor at The Rockefeller University in New York City.
7 Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome may be caused by the HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus). This is strongly contested by some doctors who have not been given much press.
8 Quotation from a paper by Stephen S. Morse, Ph.D. and Robert D. Brown. Dr. Morse is a virologist at The Rockefeller University in New York and is editor of two books, Emerging Viruses published by Oxford University Press 1993 and Evolutionary Biology of Viruses to be published by Raven Press. Mr. Brown is a science writer and editor living in New Orleans. Other references about viruses comes from the author's study of this and other scientist's work.

9 The EndowmentUPDATE Alzheimer’s Studies May 5, 2005 Posted
on website: www.endowmentmed.org

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