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Autism Study*Stem Cell Research Cause and Answers Vs. Symptoms
By J.C. Spencer

Autism Study • Stem Cell Research

C a u s e a n d A n s w e r s Vs . S y m p t o m s

Autism NEWS

[In Nov. 2004 I attended the International Autism Conference sponsored by CASD (Center for Autistic Spectrum Disorders) in Austin, Texas with many Autism specialists from across North America. This is a brief report of that conference, the latest information, and our plans for continued studies and research.]

   As I gleaned knowledge from the conference presenters, experts in Autism, I soon realized just how much they disagree with each other. These doctors caused me to know that what we are doing at The Endowment for Medical Research addresses each and every challenge they presented.

   While there is major confusion and misdiagnosis of autism - THAT IS NOT OUR FOCUS. Let’s look at Cause and Answers Vs. Symptoms.

   Our Purpose is to Conduct Medical Research and Educational Research for improved brain function in children and adults without drugs or harmful side effects.

   The parents receive a compound-ing dose of the confusion from the multi-diagnoses doctors give for Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder (CD), Bipolar Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD), and Depression.

   There is no universal agreement as to what causes Autism and these related challenges; however, many professionals agree that heavy metals often play a damaging role.

   I will discuss the findings of the CAUSE in just a moment.

ADhD Autism Connection

   Diane M. Kennedy wrote the book, The ADHD Autism Connection published by Random House with Paul T. Elliott, M.D. and Carl Daisy.

   She explains the confusion compounded by the misdiagnosis or multi-diagnosis given by medical professionals in their attempt to address the urgent situation.

   On page 39 of her book she has a Behavioral Chart that reveals the similarities of Autism and ADHD.

   Bernard Rimland, PhD, founder of the Autism Society of America and director of the Autism Research Institute said, “Diane Kennedy provides a long-needed and very welcome guided tour of what has come to be called the autistic spectrum. A valuable contribution.”

   These children have phenomenal potential we hope to help them attain. They are smart but disconnected.

   The child desperately wants to socialize but seems to not know HOW. In the child’s cry for help, he pays no attention to the feelings or needs of other people.

I recommend her book. $14.99 USD / $22.99 CD

   As we better understand the cause, we may assist the child or adult in addressing the areas of their deficits which include inability to have executive functions, to plan and prioritize, to have good judgment and to have organizational skills.

   These children have phenomenal potential we hope to help them attain. They are smart but disconnected.

Autism • Mercury Viruses •

Myelin Sheath

   There is a growing consensus that mercury is a contributing factor in Autism and related neurological conditions. There is great concern that vaccines may play a role in causing neurological problems.

   Thimerosal is a preservative in some vaccines. The FDA says that Thimerosal is mercury in plasma-derived products and is approxi-mately 50% mercury by weight.

The mystery is

further complicated!

   While mercury can build up in the body over the years, the mystery is further complicated because it is often not detected in autistic children.

   Some doctors including Dr. Russell Blaylock and Dr. Amy A. Yasko report that the MMR vaccine used against measles, mumps, and rubella contain the three viruses that cause chronic viral infection that play the insidious role in the development of Autism and related diseases.

   Can it be that these stealth viruses, not detectable in the blood, reside in the nerves and inhibit the myelin sheath from developing around the nerves to insulate them from “shorting out”? Could this electrical problem between nerves cause the mixed signals we see in Autism and nerve conditions? I believe, this may be THE CAUSE. The kids are smart but disconnected. Now for what may be the Answer on Page Two.

What is the Myelin Sheath?

Myelin is an insulating layer that forms around nerves. It is made up of protein and fatty substances.

   The Myelin Sheath of a neuron consists of fat-containing cells that insulate the axon from the electrical transmission of signals. A gap exists between each myelin sheath cell along the axon. Since fat inhibits the flow of electricity, the signals jump from one gap to the next. Multiple sclerosis is characterized by patches of demyelination (destruction or loss of the myelin sheath) in the central nervous system. The symptoms that result from this demyelination are determined by the functions normally contributed by the affected neurons. Disruption of muscle control, speech and visual disturbances are common.


   The Advanced Tutorial states: The myelin sheath (a tubular case or envelope) give the whitish appear-ance to the white matter of the brain. Myelin cells are included in the category of Glial cells. Glial cells function to support the processes of neurons in a variety of ways. The glial cells forming myelin sheaths are called oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system and Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system. The gaps (approx. 1 micrometer wide) formed between myelin sheath cells along the axons are called Nodes or Ranvier. Since fat serves as a good insulator, the myelin sheaths speed the rate of transmission of an electrical impulse along the axon. The electrical impulse jumps from one node to the next at a rate as fast as 120 meters per second. This rapid rate of conduction is called saltatory conduction.

   Kids may be smart but they must be connected.

   NOTE: This knowledge may help us understand how hydrogenated oils ARE silent killers and why good oils give us a better quality of life.

Stem Cells Hold the Answers:

Making the Connection

   Stem cells produce neurons.

   Dr. David Steenblock in San Diago is using Stem Cells in his therapy and research with Autistic children.

   Dr. Steenblock is using harvested stem cells from the umbilical cords of newly born babies. No embryonic stem cells are used in his research, only these adult stem cells from full term children.

   Stem cells are known for their ability to migrate to any part of the human body that needs repair. Stem cells move to the area of greatest need to do their work.

   Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow. A bone marrow transplant costs about $300,000. You can harvest your own stem cells, if they are healthy, and have them frozen and later injected back into your own body after radiation or chemotherapy for about $100,000.

   Umbilical stem cells can be harvested and injected into an autistic child for $14,500 to $21,000.

   For Dr. Steenblock’s autism research, the stem cell injection is

The Endowment for

Medical Research

P. O. Box 73089

Houston, Texas 77273


Address Service Requested

reduced to $6,000 for those participating in the study.

   The Endowment for Medical Research plans to stay in communi-cation with Dr. Steenblock and follow the results of his research with autistic children.



   Every healthcare professional should have this Stem Cell Survey CD by H. Reg McDaniel, M.D. which documents how Dr. McDaniel discovered the glyconutrient growth factor for stem cell proliferation in the human body. Learn how Stem Cell proliferation may benefit autism and other learning challenges. This CD plus a DVD of Dr. McDaniel present-ing the study is available for a contri-bution of $50. This may be purchas-ed online at EndowmentMed.org or by calling 281-587-2020.

   Studies are under way at The Endowment for Medical Research including Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson, Huntington chorea, Trauma, and Stroke.

See www.EndowmentMed.org. Necessary forms are online.

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