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Healthful Sugars as Preventive Medicine
Healthful Sugars are Preventative Medicine

Doctors are calling healthful sugars PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. It is good that doctors today are thinking more about prevention. It becomes even better for the doctors who stop thinking in the pharmaceutical box. The article below is about how some of the doctors are thinking outside the pill box and calling great nutrition super foods to extend life.

More free services are added on our website to better benefit our friends. People who have never been to www.endowmentmed.org are often surprised that so much educational material is available through one website. You could literally invest 100 hours on the site gaining insight into glycomics, the science of sugars.

You can receive free Training in Lowering Healthcare Costs for individuals, families, and companies with new material coming soon. The many facets of Lowering Healthcare Costs can be found in our Sugar Science Forum which is accessible from the top and right hand side of our Home Page.

New discoveries in the use of sugars are making news daily. Glycoprotein technology is expanding rapidly and will continue to impact healthcare dramatically. Today on the NIH website at www.pubmed.gov when you type in glycoprotein, you will see 472,502 references to science papers. Drug companies are incorporating glycomics into the pharmaceutical industry. When these sugars are included in our nutrition the science becomes DISRUPTIVE because it operates outside the pill box. The bottom line is RESULTS, what works best, period. Our commitment to you is to help you educate others in what works best.

Today’s articles are about a doctor leaving his practice and starting a health restaurant and how Americans are Breeding a Future Generation of Overweight and Unhealthy Adults.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lonjevity Brings Superfoods to Sarasota

After 25 years as a practicing anesthesiologist in the Midwest, Dr. Gerald Davies needed a change, . . . . . . he had an idea . . . . . one that would take him back to his medical roots. This time, though, he'd be dealing in preventative medicine.

Davies spits out statistics I am well aware of: 50 percent of the U.S. is overweight; 33 percent obese; 20 percent has metabolic syndrome. "That means that 60 million people have a serious condition that is purely diet-related," he explained. "The problem is that the staple diet contains too much refined carbohydrates." His idea was to open a restaurant that showed average folk how tasty it can be to replace those simple starches with more complex, nutritious ingredients.

You can read the complete article here

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Americans are Breeding a Future Generation of Overweight and Unhealthy Adults

The latest studies show what pregnant women eat effects the eating habits of their offspring. As reported by the Holistic Healing Foundation (HHF), researchers say that pregnant women and those breast feeding their young who are increasing their uptake of fatty and high sugar foods may be programming the eating habits of their unborn or developing children toward similar types of food. The HHF research team suggest that such children will have a tendency toward eating foods high in sugar and fats.

Studies done on the eating habits of rats show that those whose mothers were fed human junk foods while they were pregnant or lactating produced offspring who had a preference for foods high in fats and sugars. These same rat offspring had a tendency to eat more than rats from mothers who were fed normal diets. These same scientists suggest that human results should likely be the same. With these thoughts in mind we should perhaps look at other aspects of food and children's fitness. Experts in the field of children's eating habits suggest that they pick up many of their views, unconscious of other, by observing what adults do with regard to food. They suggest that parents who demonstrate healthy eating habits that also allow for the occasional straying to junk food as a treat develop a far healthier attitude towards food in their children. Children whose parents strictly stick to healthy foods and do not allow the occasional sampling of junk food may help develop some unhealthy practices towards eating; some of which may be binge-eating and cheating.

Dr Karlis Ullis, clinical professor and Nutrition Director of the Holistic Healing Foundation, believes that we may be developing in our children psychological difficulties with food because of the way we, the parents, deal with food, junk food and dieting. When one member of the family goes on a diet they eat differently than the rest of the family. Often their comments about the foods they are allowed to and not allowed to eat give their children incorrect feelings about healthy eating and associate it with discomfort, hunger and even sense of denial. They also begin to see associations with abstinence followed by binge-eating. This can be followed by guilt feelings in children when they eat the so-called forbidden foods. Dr. Ullis goes on further to say that girls are even more prone to copy dieting behaviours and to associate guilt feelings with eating enjoyable foods. This kind of relationship with food may lead to the very unhealthy cycle of dieting followed by binge eating that has a great tendency to lead to obesity.....

By Mike Torchia You can read the whole article at


Last Updated ( Oct 31, 2009 at 01:00 PM )